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Upcoming Sky Arts show about Michael Jackson cancelled after backlash over casting


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The upcoming Sky Arts TV show Urban Myths has been pulled from the schedule after it was slammed for its controversial casting choices.

Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson in Urban Myths 

The series’ casting choices were criticised when it was announced that white actor Joseph Fiennes would take the role of the African-American Jackson.

Michael's daughter slammed the show earlier this week, saying that it made her "want to vomit."


Urban Myths was an upcoming comedy series by Sky Arts. It’s based on bizarre celebrity myths, or as they call it “true… ish stories”, and was to offer us eight 30-minute episodes that would chronicle legendary incidents involving famous people.

Cary Grant would take LSD with Timothy Leary, Salvador Dali would schmooze with Alice Cooper, and Samuel Beckett would drive Andre the Giant to school. A teenage Adolf Hitler would get rejected from art school, Bob Dylan would hang out with Dave Stewart, Muhammad Ali would rescue a suicidal man, and he Sex Pistols would show up in their definitely real profanity-laced TV appearance.

Carrie Fisher had a small role in the episode about Michael Jackson for that extra punch in the unhealed wounds.

Following the backlash, Sky Arts have confirmed that the show will not be broadcast. Yet, the first trailer is available to see on here. 

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