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A real-life Hunger Games inspired TV show is coming to Russia


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It's official, we're finally living in the dystopian world that YA novels have been warning us about for years. 

In a truly disturbing piece of news, it has been revealed that Russia is planning a real-life reality TV show that is like The Hunger Games, only 10x worse. (Yes, really.)

The ominously named Game2: Winter will see 30 participants take part in a bid to win a £1.3 million prize fund on a show where "everything is allowed."

According to the Siberian Times, 'everything' really does mean everything and anything including "fighting, alcohol, murder, rape and smoking."

The show, which will be broadcast online worldwide, will see each contestant handed knives to hunt and fish for food in the Siberian Wilderness, where they will attempt to survive for nine months. Though our world isn't as technologically equipped as the games in Panem, contestants will still be faced with other dangers, as wild bears and wolves will apparently also keep them company.

To make it even more Hunger Games-y, contestants can even request items from viewers who donate money for it each week via the show's website. Like sponsors. 

The man behind this terrifying concept, Russian billionaire Yevgeny Pyatkovsky, has stated that the show "will refuse any claim of participants even if they were to be killed or raped. We will have nothing to do with this."

Each participant will apparently have to sign a document before taking part and will be told that the laws of the Russian Federation do apply, meaning that if anyone does commit a crime - like murder or rape - "the police will come and take you away." Not that that makes the premise sound any better for contestants.

Game2: Winter is set for release on 1st July 2017 and is planned to run online through to 2nd April 2018. As of last month, it has been reported that 60 people have already signed up. 

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