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Why you need to check out Magnificent Century on Netflix


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Magnificent Century is a new addition to Netflix, with its first season premiering last week. Anyone who loves a cheeky Eastenders episode or can’t resist a good old historical drama will find the perfect combination of both in this Turkish programme.

The show is based on the life of Ottoman Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent, who was the longest ruling sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Exploring both Süleyman’s relationship with the women in his life and with his people, the show is both informative and entertaining. 

The series excellently portrays the political movements taking place around the sultan, as the women in the royal palace - both from Süleyman’s harem and from his family - jockey for favour and power. Power is everything in the royal palace and the more you have, the more likely you are of keeping your head - at least for a while.

The newly enslaved girls, who the audience meets as they are being brought into the palace, quickly learn this and subsequently most of them fall in line. Yet there is one girl who refuses to submit quietly to her fate. Alexandra despises her Ottoman captors due to the murder of her parents and the forced separation from the man she loves. Through her disobedience she hopes to avenge them and ultimately join them in death. However, things do not go to plan and Alexandra quickly finds herself falling for the one man she hated most in the world. 

The show provides both heart warming scenes and comedic ones, finding a nice balance between a serious historical drama and light entertainment. There are a multitude of relationships and the actors are well paired to bounce off of each, as they all have an impressive amount of chemistry. 

The storylines, main plot and characters all intertwine well together, creating a seamless story that will dazzle you with its complex plot and simplistic style. The show covers everything from adultery to murder in the first season alone, always edging to the extreme without toppling over into the ridiculous.

It is an enjoyable watch which is easy to consume at any time, as it balances serious themes with amusing dialogue; heartbreaking plots with inspiring characters;and dramatic events with day-to-day scenes. 

Magnificent Century will not fail to entertain, and with great characters, an intriguing plot and a fantastic cast you would be a fool to let the subtitles put you off. Take a chance and give this must-see historical drama a watch this winter. 

Magnificent Century: Season 1 is available to watch on Netflix now.


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