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Who will be the new presenters of Bake Off?


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With the sad news Mel and Sue won't be continuing as Bake Off presenters when the show moves to Channel 4, the question on everyone's mind is: just who will replace them?

They've been the face of Bake Off since it began in 2010 and have become as loved and respected as the show itself. Throughout the years they've brought baking innuendos to the masses and consoled many a baker in the tent when things haven't gone their way. It's going to be hard to find anyone who can rise to the challenge and impress the viewers. We've had a think and created a list of potential pairs Channel 4 could consider. 

David and Samantha Cameron

The former Prime Minister has just stepped down as an MP, freeing up his schedule for some Bake Off action. On top of this, glam Sam Cam was crowned the winner of this year's Sport’s Relief Bake Off special - making this power couple potential contenders, although it wouldn't go down too well with viewers given the fact David is currently public enemy number one (his legacy can be defined by one word: omnishambles) so chances are this pair won't be chosen. Besides, just imagine the comments they’d get if there was ever a ham week.

Phil Spencer and Kirsty Allsopp 

Veteran Channel 4 presenters Phil and Kirsty have a quintessential charm about them, and are know for their cheeky jesting between each other. Properties rather than profiteroles are their forte, however, so they’re not exactly the first presenters that pop to mind but they do have potential and always rise to a challenge – so who knows.

Noel Edmonds and Ed Balls

With the end of Deal or No Deal what will Noel Edmonds be getting up to? Perhaps he could team up with Ed Balls, who’s currently appearing on Strictly Come Dancing after loosing his seat in the last election. Ed could bring his dad dancing, Noel could bring his DJ decks, and they could create a Noel’s Houseparty-Bake Off mashup. Plus, Ed has appeared on a Sports Relief Bake Off special and while he didn't win, he did gain plenty of new admirers. Many viewers actually admitted to having a crush on the baking underdog.

Jon Snow and Cathy Newman

Channel 4 news anchors Jon and Cathy might seem like an unusual choice, but presenting live TV and reporting from dangerous locations means they’re pros at keeping calm under pressure. A skill that will come in handy in the Bake Off tent, where disasters are always inevitable. From soggy bottoms to custard thefts, there's always something going on.

Clare Balding and Helen Skelton

Mel and Sue have cooked up a storm since they announced they “won't be going with the dough”. Which means Channel 4 need to pull something really special out of the bag; something that will mend people's shattered hearts and get them excited for a new chapter in Bake Off history.

If anyone can save Bake Off from what fans have dubbed Breadxit it's Clare Balding. Pair her with someone like down to earth and cheery Helen Skelton and Channel 4 could have cracked it. Loveable Clare brings passion to everything she presents, and takes a genuine and vested interest in the people she talks to. Likewise, former Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton is full of life and exudes charm, making her not just a perfect pairing with Clare but also someone with the power to add a new zest of life to the show.

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