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New service sends TV spoilers to your worst enemies


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Just when we thought the spoilers’ epidemic on social media couldn’t get any worse, technology has taken it to the next level of evil.

New service, launched recently and can be used to send TV spoilers to your enemies. Most recently, the service has been used to text anonymous Game of Thrones spoilers to whoever’s week users are choosing to ruin, for only $0.99 USD.

That’s right; all it takes is a push of a button and at the end of the episode’s US airing, the recipient of the text will be cruelly smacked in the face with spoilers every single week.

To make the whole ordeal even more malicious, the Twitter account will post the replies it gets in response to these unwanted revelations.

How did this spiteful service come to exist? Well, the concept was inspired by a Reddit thread that the creator, Spoiled Rotten, found from a month ago. The story about a woman who exacted revenge on her ex-boyfriend by sending messages to him through various forms of communication spoiling Game of Thrones every single week quickly went viral. Apparently he deserved this harsh treatment, but that’s still pretty rough. ..

Spoiled Rotten said that was only supposed to be a side-project, but it has been gaining significant popularity recently. They told Business Insider: “I don’t think we’ll be quitting our day jobs anytime soon, but the response has far exceed our exceptions and made us question ways we could expand,”

Speaking of expansion, the creators will be opening a user poll for what show they should ruin for people next, so with Game of Thrones finishing this week, you had be careful which show you pick to fill the Monday night void and who you upset in the near future...

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