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EastEnders actor in major avocado accident


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Wondering why Martin on EastEnders has his arm in a sling? Wonder no more, as I'm about to explain everything...

If you watch Eastenders then you’ll have noticed Martin Fowler, played by James Bye, has had an unfortunate accident. On Monday, Martin appeared on screen with his arm in a massive sling, and Twitter had many questions:

So why does Martin have his arm in a sling? In the soap Stacey explains that he slipped on the pavement. But the injury isn’t actually a part of a storyline, it’s something that’s happened in real life and had to be written into scripts.


It turns out that actor James Bye severed an artery when he slipped cutting an avocado. That’s right, an avocado is behind that monstrosity of a sling. Quite fitting really considering he plays bumbling fruit & veg seller, Martin.

Now Bye, a former avocado lover, is terrified of the world’s most Instagrammed superfood.  

Speaking to The Sun he admits, "I cant look at avocados now...I've asked them to be removed from my stall."

The whole situation gets even funnier though, as in Friday’s episode, when describing a dream he'd had, the writers gave Martin this cracking line: "I gave birth to a massive avocado". 


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