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Who is Charles DiLaurentis? Your Pretty Little Liars breakdown


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It’s been five years since the liars received their first text message from the notorious ‘A’, and the theories about who 'A' is have kept fans guessing all that time.

In the past 12 hours fans have learnt who A is, why A is who they are, and what exactly A did.

It promised to be the summer of answers, and Marlene King certainly gave us them. Perhaps just not the ones that we wanted.

Episode 10, season 6 suitably titled ‘GAme over ChArles’, consisted of a trip into ‘A’s’ brain and a whole load of flashbacks. We came face to face with A.

Here’s a brief roundup of what you missed in the story of Charles DiLaurentis.

CAREFUL: This piece DOES contain spoilers.

Pretty Little Liars

Photo from ABC Family

Kenneth DiLaurentis and Jessica DiLaurentis have three children – Jason (the eldest), Charles (middle) and Alison (youngest).

Charles DiLaurentis loves his little sister, and wants to look after her. So much so that the whole hot water bath drowning incident, was an accident and taken the wrong way.

Charles ‘plays dress up’ in his mother’s clothes, much to his father’s disappointment. Kenneth decides to pack Charles off to Radley Sanitarium before he ‘hurts anybody’.

Apparently, the two other children are too young to remember Charles.

While in Radley, Charles is visited by his mother who brings copies of clothes she buys for Alison. Explaining those two dresses. His aunt also visits.

Charles befriends another patient, Bethany Young. Bethany supports Charles’ transition to becoming Charlotte. We’ll call Charlotte ‘C’ for the time being.

As children they plan to leave Radley while sat on the roof. Mrs Cavagnaugh (Toby’s mother) sees them, so Bethany pushes and kills her.

Bethany blames C, meaning that C spends the next few years on higher doses of medication. Brewing a hatred toward Bethany.

Bethany conveniently looks like both C and Alison.

Mrs DiLaurentis tells a teenage C that she has been granted leaving privileges to attend classes. Here C bunks off, becomes known as Cece Drake, and instead meets her brother Jason. Who she starts dating. Yep.

As a result, she befriends her boyfriend’s younger sister. Who is also her younger sister?!? Alison DiLaurentis. The two become close.

It is then time for Cece to meet the parents, Jessica is understandably a little taken aback. I mean, she reveals that she told her husband that Charles had died and been buried in an aunt’s garden.

In reality, the whole burial was a metaphor for burying Charles and allowing Charlotte to live.

CeCe spends summer in Cape May with the family, who most don’t even know that she’s actually family. Here we remember the summer of the pregnancy scare, the mystery guys…

Still keeping up?

Returning to Radley, CeCe realises that Bethany had stolen all of her clothes and had escaped.

So, wearing that infamous yellow shirt Bethany went to Rosewood. CeCe hit Alison on the head with the rock the night she went missing and the story began.

Though CeCe thought it was Bethany, not Alison.

Mrs DiLaurentis saw and buried Alison, paying off Wilden (yeah, that weird cop) to cover it up.


As Mona then was out that night targeting school bully Alison, and instead hit Bethany with a shovel. Not Alison. Because she was probably buried alive by now.

With Alison missing, Mona started the game. Sending texts and making threats to the girls, to make it seem as though it was from Alison – who she thought was dead.

Even though in a previous episode we saw Mona help Alison get away that night, so apparently we’re meant to forget that.

Anyway, Mona’s motive was to target the school bitches who picked on her.

Once Mona was revealed as being ‘A’ and taken to Radley, CeCe visited her. As a drugged up Mona told her secrets about the girls, CeCe decided to take the game.

Returning back to Rosewood, acting as closely as possible to Alison as she could (at this point, she genuinely believed Alison was dead) she met the four liars and worked in a boutique. CeCe told the girls the truth – she knew Alison and once dated Jason.

It annoyed CeCe that the girls seemed glad to be gone of Alison, and were unbreakable even without her.

CeCe began to notice a girl in a red coat watching over the girls and coming to their rescue whenever they were put in danger. Convinced that it was Alison, ‘A’s’ ploys were always to lure her to see that she was still alive.

This leads us to the fire. Recruiting Sara Harvey (don’t know where this ‘feral’ kid came from) to act as red coat, mayhem spread. CeCe overheard the liars discussing how Alison dragged them out of the fire, confirming that the original red coat was Alison.

From here, CeCe put the liars through hell just to see Alison and ‘protect her’, which is a pretty long winded way round.

Wilden figured out that Alison was still alive, so CeCe killed him so that Alison could come back and ‘tell her story’.

Sara Harvey was also black widow at his funeral.

CeCe went home and found that Mrs DiLaurentis had died, no further explanation.

The doll’s house was made, even though CeCe ‘loved all her dolls’ as the game supposedly became addictive. Sara Harvey wasn’t kept here.

Rhys was hired as a decoy as the liars got closer to figuring it all out.

‘A’ decided to end the game, capturing Alison in Radley and revealing the story via a live feed to the girls and Mona. While her brother and dad just lay semi-conscious on the ground. Still don’t know their fate.

Then there was the kickass punch from Emily.

Now, it’s a long wait until season 6B airing in January. 


We still have some questions about all of this.

  1. What will happen to Kenneth, Jason and CeCe?
  2. Who killed Mrs DiLaurentis and Maya?
  3. What did Shana have to do with the fire?
  4. Where did Sara Harvey come from?
  5. Where did CeCe get all her money from?
  6. What did the NAT club have to do with it?
  7. Who did Melissa bury if Spencer didn’t hit anybody, but Mona did?
  8. Who was the body in the woods who everybody thought was Toby?
  9. Where was the revelance with Jenna, Lucas, Garrett, Melissa or Wren?
  10. How did A get to London to put blood in Spencer’s bag?
  11. Why was CeCe in the year book as prom queen, if she was never actually a student?
  12. Why did Ian commit suicide?
  13. What is all this talk of Jenna drowning?
  14. Where did this budget come from?

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