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Who is Charles DiLaurentis? The 10 best Pretty Little Liars theories


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Season six is promising to be Pretty Little Liars's ‘summer of answers’ - but we’re already part way through, and I can’t be the only one who’s more confused than ever.

Taking to the internet, there’s a whole load of theories as to who is ‘A’/Charles DiLaurentis. Here’s a handy collection of the best for you to over-analyse.

1. Nigel Wright

But who is Nigel Wright, I hear you ask? Remember back in season three where the liars were pulled out of a fire by Red Coat during the finale? Here are just a few reasons why he could be Charles DiLaurentis...

  • He looks suspiciously like Jason DiLaurentis.
  • In a deleted scene Mrs D tells Alison that her son liked all things ‘vintage’; Alison protests that Jason doesn’t. Though Nigel has slicked back vintage hair, and dress sense. Also, he wears the same outfit as the ‘father figure’ doll found in the vault.
  • Marlene often gives clues through her song choices, two of which were by Patsy Cline who tragically died in an airplane crash. Nigel works as a pilot.
  • His lighter (used to start the cabin fire) had a compass on it leading to NW (Nigel Wright) that bares uncanny resemblance to the Campbell farm logo.
  • Nigel’s workplace has very similar decor to the vault; similarly A is seen to be sat in the same chair.
Check out, and be convinced by the full theory thought up by G_xoxo on YouTube:

2. Sara Harvey

This is one making the rounds on social media recently following Sara’s sudden haircut. All viewers have seen that home video of Mrs D with Jason and ‘Charles’ at the Campbell farm a thousand times. Though, what if ‘Charles’ isn’t a little boy? What if ‘Charles’ is actually a transgender girl, who is now known as Sara Harvey?

Or, Bethany Young is pretending to be Sara Harvey.

Just to throw a spanner in the works, because nothing is impossible on this show. What if Bethany Young is now pretending to be Sara Harvey - but maybe the previous theory still applies?


OR the blocks never said ‘Charles’ at all and actually said Rachel S. DiLaurentis

Leaving Bethany Young and Sara Harvey as a potential ‘Rachel S. DiLaurentis’, perhaps with the same back story as ‘Charles’? Or not.

3. CeCe Drake

Perhaps what Mr DiLaurentis said was the truth, and Charles was taken to Radley. However, what if Charles was transgender and became ‘CeCe’, as in CeCe Drake?

  • CeCe has always been said to look like Alison, which would make sense if they shared genes.
  • LA is known for cosmetic surgery – which is where CeCe had been.
  • It is never said why Jason and she broke up except that she had her ‘reasons’– perhaps she discovered she was a DiLaurentis?
  • CeCe is recognised by her red car. A toy red car is next to the blocks where Spencer spells out ‘Charles DiLaurentis’
Interested? Find out more...

4. Wren

Wren has been in the firing line several times, and his theory has always stood. Here’s why.

  • ‘A’’s messages often contain British spelling; Wren is the only British character.
  • Wren is the only main doctor in the show, meaning he could get hold of information and know how to perform the procedures A did. Remember when the liars woke up on hospital beds? ‘Mona played with dolls. I play with body parts. Game on, bitches.’
  • Wren worked at Radley, and has been connected to both Spencer and Hanna.
  • He drew a picture, and the woman looked scarily like Mrs D in the home movie.
  • Wren is barely seen or spoken about, assumed to be in the UK, or perhaps too busy prepping the doll's house?
Original theory by Pretty Little Liars Theory:

5. Ezra

Poor Ezra, he’s always being doubted. Though, it does make sense. Sorry Aria fans too, but this would allow Aria to be working with him – remember, we trust nobody!

  • According to the Wiki page, he and Jason are the exact same age, backing the twin theory – despite Kenneth saying that Charles was 15 months older than Jason.
  • Ezra was seen playing with a toy train with Malcolm (yeah, remember his fake son?) - this train somehow worked its way into Spencer’s room in the dolls house.
  • Similarly, Ezra has a record player in his flat. There was a record player in the dolls house.
  • The Great Charlemagne mime artist included popcorn in his show – Ezra is shown a lot snacking on popcorn – there was a popcorn maker in the dolls house – Marlene tweeted that the Great Charlemagne is a big clue. Not to mention the uncanny likeness in looks.
  • Charles’s appears to have an obsession with Alison; so did Ezra when he started writing the book.
  • Ezra wears the most masks and costumes throughout the show, and we have seen Charles without his mask before...
Watch more on this theory by Veronique McNeal:


6. Melissa

Most people are assuming Charles to be a guy, but we’ve been told that A was in the pilot episode – which doesn’t leave many options. Though, Melissa Hastings was.

  • It would back the ‘Rachel S. DiLaurentis’ theory.
  • The Hastings/DiLaurentis paths have already been crossed. Perhaps Mrs D had twins; she took Jason and Peter got Rachel, who is now better known as Melissa Hastings.
  • Melissa always said she was always trying to protect her sister, Spencer.
  • The prom theme in the dolls house was the same theme as Melissa and Ians'...
More ideas over at...

Other theories include:

7. Sara/Bethany is Hanna Marin's sister and 'A', following reports that Ashley is hiding a big secret.

8. Lucas Gottesman is Charles. Perhaps he used to dress up like his little sister growing up, leading to Alison calling him 'Hermy'? Also, remember the note 'Chandelier's rituals, Sister launched lairA ruler's list chained'? All anagrams for "Nerd Lucas Is The Liar."

More on that here

9. Toby, Charles and Bethany are triplets are Mrs Cavanaugh's children. She was Mrs DiLaurentis's sister, explaining why she made Bethany call her 'Aunt'. Mrs C was also recording the home video, of the Cavanaugh children and their aunt.

10. Maya is alive, and is A. Remember, no body.

With all that said and done, we can’t even be sure that ‘A’ is Charles. Perhaps Charles really is dead and the name is a clever cover up. One thing for sure is that somebody has been lying. I’m even beginning to question whether I am Charles. Let’s just hope we get answers soon. Man this show moved fast, from starting with just a couple of anonymous texts...

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