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In Bed With The Minj


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In bed with the Minj, an idea only my father would be proud about.

Following one of the fastest paced, biting seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race, I catch up with finalist and resident “glamour toad”, Ginger Minj.

In a hotel room bruised with empty champagne bottles and the scent of “thank god I have an overdraft”, we cuddle up in bed to discuss life pre, post and during Drag Race.


“If you get in bed with Pearl, the bitch is gonna be asleep”, Ginger mocks before our tea-spilling commences.

For those unaware, RuPaul’s Drag Race is a reality TV show looking for America’s next drag superstar. The show has just concluded its seventh season, with seasons now reaching TV screens in the UK.

The show is widely enjoyed by members of the LGBT and drag community. See it as the gay America’s Next Top Model.

Ginger tells me about the crowning in New York last week, explaining how three different endings were shown, with herself and the other finalists, Violet Chachki and Pearl, all winning in one of the versions.

“It’s the most awkward thing I’ve ever done in my life, especially for me,” she tells me with a sense of hangover in her voice.

“I was the first to be “crowned” and there’s all this pomp and circumstance and there’s thousands of people screaming and cheering at you with your scepter but in the midst of it the producers shout cut and everyone stops cheering and RuPaul rips the scepter out of your hand and says “line it up for Pearl”. It was the most awkward but cool thing ever.”

Two weeks later when the finale was shown to the public on TV, Ging tells me how they were all in a dressing room in New York with nothing but a camera two feet in front of them.

“We found out when the rest of the world found out, but the TV cut out just as RuPaul says “America’s next drag superstar is…” and it came back as Violet was walking the runway.”

There’s a pleasant non-bitter nature to Ginger, explaining that even though she thought she had a good chance of winning, she completely understands as to why Violet won.

“If you look at the line of winners, it’s a progression and it’s different each year,” she begins.

“If you look at the last two years, we had Jinkx Monsoon and Bianca Del Rio and I feel like I’m a culmination of both their styles. Kinda like a Broadway queen with a biting sense of humour that not everyone sometimes gets.”

“While I think I showed more variety, Violet slayed it on the runway every time. It’s been a very fashion forward season so I can see why she won. Not winning was a disappointment but it was still a very happy moment and it felt like I had just had the biggest baby of my life after a year long process.”

Our time snuggled up together in some fancy London hotel comes following a week with a huge step forwards for trans-visibility; Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover. Duh.

“I think first of all she looks amazing, not just aesthetically but she’s glowing and in every interview, she looks amazing,” Ginger radiates.

“She looks happy. Happiness is one of the most attractive and sexy attributes a person can have. She’s letting us know its never too late to follow your dreams and chase what we are.”

Right you are, Ging.

She tells me how this is her first time in the UK. Prior to competing on Drag Race, Ginger (Joshua) was best known for being the first ever male to play the role of Miss Lovett in Sweeney Todd in a professional production, as well as being a dancing fork in Beauty and the Beast on broadway.

“I’m such a huge anglophile, I always have been. I love Doctor Who and the whole entire culture,” obvious from her Adele impersonation in Snatch Game…

“This is one place I’ve always wanted to go but I couldn’t afford it because, well, I’m a cross dresser. One thing I have learnt that is when you’re travelling the world and its your job, you don’t get chance to stop and check the areas out.”

“I was going through some mid life crisis and dyed my hair black and got my nose pierced yesterday, this is what happens when they give me days off.”

From the end of season 7, with Violet Chachki joining drag royalty, thoughts turn to season 8 predictions.

“I would love for them to do an entire season of big girls. ‘Battle of the Bulge’ or something. I think that’s the only way we’ll get a big girl winning.”

“There’s a couple of fantastic queens rumorued, Kim Chi from Chicago is inspiring and so creative, The Minx from Orlando has been also been rumoured and she’s really quite good. She kind of represents the old school with a bit of the new school as well.”

“Shangela will be back probably.’

It’s safe to say that Rupaul’s Drag Race is a show with just as many claws as fake eyelashes. An episode going by without drama is a rarity. On asking Ginger if she had any regrets over her show drama, she tells me she wishes she’d kept her mouth shut a little bit more.

“While I still stand by what I said, the experience atlas taught me that there’s a time and place for everything and when everyone’s in drag for 14 hours and your feet are bleeding and you haven’t eaten or smoked all day, maybe that’s not the time to bring up the fact that someone might have given you a side look.”

We end our chat by talking about what Ging thinks about drag queens that don't do their own makeup, something many queens have recently been criticised for. 

“You leave RuPaul out of this,” she mocks. Sorry Ru!

“Let me start this by saying that Ru is one of the most flawless people that has ever stood two feet in front of me. I’m sure we’d all look that flawless if we had a whole crew working on our faces too.”

“I think that if you go on drag race you definitely have to e well versed in the aesthetic you’re at least trying to achieve. It’d be stupid for me to say that my mug is just as pretty as Miss Fame’s. But I think for what I do, my makeup and polish is well put together. If you’re going through this process, at least know what you’re doing… and some don’t.

All T, no shade, no pink lemonade.

Check out Ginger grooving her stuff below.


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