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Why American Horror Story: Hotel will be the best season yet

3rd March 2015

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It's been little over a month since the latest season of American Horror Story, entitled Freak Show, met its delectably gruesome end - and already the hype for season five has reached dizzying heights, despite not airing in the US until October.  

Not only has the new season of AHS been given the elusive name of Hotel, but none other than the Queen of the Monsters herself, Lady Gaga, has been unveiled as the latest star to be added to the ever-growing list of AHS cast members.  

Here are some of the reasons why American Horror Story: Hotel looks set to be the best (and most terrifying) season to date.

1.  It's called 'Hotel'...what more could you possibly ask for from a horror franchise?  Think The Shining, Psycho and even the Hostel series - some of the most spine chilling movies ever made have involved a hotel setting, so an entire TV season dedicated to the same idea?  The possibilities are endless.  

2.  Intriguing plot theories: as any die-hard fan of AHS knows, each season entails a entirely different storyline and all new characters, so with each year comes much speculation. There's so much potential for Hotel to deliver the good stuff - possibly a murder mystery? Or possessed staff members? Who knows?

One thing we do know for certain is that season five will undergo an 'unusually large reinvention' according to Ryan Murphy, the show's co-creator, and will be set in the present day. As if that wasn't teasing us enough, the recurring image of a top hat in season four is supposedly an 'arcane clue' connected to season five. It's going to be a long eight months until we're satisfied!

3.  Horror story + Lady Gaga = a match made in Heaven (or Hell). She's enigmatic, freaky and risque; AHS is twisted, debauched and bizzare. The two go hand in hand. And with previous characters such as Jimmy Darling: Lobster Boy, Twisty the Clown and bearded lady Ethel gracing our screens, it seems like there could be no-one more suited to the show. Who knows, she might even give the sovereign of AHS, Jessica Lange, a run for her money, although sadly Lange won't be returning for the new season. But perhaps it's time for a new Supreme to begin her reign; as one door closes...

If that hasn't whetted your appetite for terror I don't know what will.  Whatever the outcome, American Horror Story: Hotel, promises to be as intense as ever. So heed Lady Gaga's advice and "make your reservation now."

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