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Let me show you post-graduation life... It's Drifters


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After writing a little piece on Drifters a couple of months back when it was still in production I sort of forgot all about it until Channel 4 started advertising the first season.  I was buzzing to see it and three episodes into the show I can say it is exactly what I was expecting – nothing less, nothing more.

The TV trailer really got me. 'No career? No love life? Nowhere to live?' It felt like the silly box was actually talking directly to me. And masses of other graduates drifting on the same boat I suppose, which is why the show might really hit it off.

Drifters is a story of three twenty-something girls getting their first taste of so-called ‘real life’ – and it does not taste like ice-cream. Menial jobs, crappy relationships, no idea what to do next – if this is not a description of 90% graduates’ lives I don’t know what is. It is so relevant it’s kind of dramatic, except it’s hilarious. The girls get into such awkward situations you can’t help but laugh and cringe for them.

Described as  the ‘female Inbetweeners,’ Drifters does remind you of the school boys’ show – they go through similarly wacky adventures and each time you brace yourself for the most embarrassing moment as you see it coming, and when it's there it’s even worse than you had expected. Drifters may be a bit exaggerated, a bit too unrealistically terrible but it’s a good light-hearted watch, which is exactly what you would expect from this sort of a show and exactly what you need after a long day of being a graduate.

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to see Drifters yet, here’s a teaser:


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