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Kiss and tell exes, chickens, Eurovision regrets... life according to Katie Price


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“I don’t think that my costume is outlandish today”, says the woman wearing a skin-tight, partially see-through catsuit with her own face all over it. Oh and a pink feather boa and tiara. 


That woman is Katie Price, who is in town launching her new book Love, Lipstick and Lies when we step through the Looking Glass into her “glamorous” world. 

I get to have a sit-down with one of Britain’s most infamous females in her lipstick and sparkles version of Narnia – another world, spawned from the mind of the ex-glamour model who envelopes everyone present in her larger than life persona. 

Katie Price proves many previous expectations of her wrong; calmly drinking a brew. She seems to have her feet down on the ground, just on another planet.

Of course we know all about Katie Price! Don’t we? Her every trick and turn is played out by the tabloids for all to see. But that’s what this book aims to set straight; the lies and fabrications that don’t show the real woman behind the tiara.

“What people have got to realise for the past three years, I haven’t done any interviews for magazines or newspapers, no photo shoots. Any speculation is because ‘a friend said this’ and it’s never from me. But in them three to four years, all the ex’s have done stories on me.

“So, why is it alright from them to slag me off, even though it’s lies that they’ve said, and not for me to set the record straight in reply to what they’ve said, but because it’s all come out in bulk everyone now think they’re kiss and tells but in fact if they shut up in the first place I wouldn’t have to had mention them.”

She has plenty of men in her past for ‘kiss and tells’ and this book allows her to get her side across with some explosive claims about her previous relationships and life choices. “With Pete and Alex, I was in a place I never thought I’d be,” she cryptically tells me, not letting to much go. She has a book to flog after all!

And she speaks highly of brand new hubby Kieran Hayler, who is at very least able to talk to her.

"Now I'm with someone refreshing, Kieran... and he speaks English," she says, unlike her ex husband Leandro Penna.

Not one to appear regretful Price does say some of her career choices were maybe ill-thought out (not including today’s strange costume, though).

Speaking of her ill-fated attempt at a pop careers back in 2005 she says, "My biggest regret is Eurovision. There are things which I wish didn't happen but that's part of life." 

For a woman who has been in the media more than she even imagined, Katie admits that the pressure can be stressful but she takes it in her stride: “I love getting stressed. I do get stressed; some things are because of certain reasons and other things are because of natural things. We all have a bit of stress in our life; no life is perfect. There’s certainly always a drama and something happening: always.”

Earlier this year, the previous-glamour model had sworn off surgery but admits that in the future she may consider further nip and tucks: “I might be Joan Rivers and Sharon Osbourne when I’m older but at the moment I don’t think I need anything like that.”

Further confounding the general consensus about her life, the mother of four is not just renowned for her turbulent life; she has been a successful businesswoman which many people respect her for.

Next month, Katie is jetting to Australia to launch her new shoe range and then a bridal range: "I've had enough practise at dresses but I've had to cater my dresses to what other people like, not just me."

Even if the business ideas stop developing, Katie swears to never give up: “If all else fails, I’ll sell the eggs my chickens are laying at the moment.”

Katie’s latest book is out now, but in a moment of confusion, even she can’t remember the name of the hardback: “Love Lipstick and Lies or is it Lipstick Love and Lies… I always get it mixed up!”

That forgetful moment is not enough to let our chat tale off. No, the tabloid-baiting star has to give us something just a little scandalous! Back on the subject of her chickens, she drops the devastating news:

"Our first chick hatched the other day and unfortunately we had to put it down as its intestines were hanging out."

Maybe we'll be seeing the headline ‘Katie Price: Chicken Killer’ on the front-page soon!

Well, stranger things have happened...

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