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Meet the Superfan of: Miranda Hart


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After trying out in several comedy shows, Miranda Hart got her initial fame playing Barbara, the clumsy cleaner in Not Going Out. Now her own sitcom Miranda is now the second biggest in the UK and she has won awards for this and her role in Call the Midwife. Her autobiography Is It Just Me? was at the top of bestseller charts for weeks. This has made her one of the biggest female comedians working today, and with this, one of the biggest fan bases (known as the ’gallopers’) to surround any comedian. TNS talks to 16-year-old Becky Clarke, a girl known for not keeping her love for Hart as secret…

How did you get your love for Miranda Hart?

I think it was just after the second series started my step mum suggested I watched it because she found it funny and thought I would like it and of course I did. When my birthday came around next I purchased both series on iTunes and would watch them every now and then. She then announced her book and I pre-ordered it straight away and booked tickets to the book event she was doing with Emma Kennedy to celebrate the launch. I loved the event so much I also booked tickets to see her last November and since then my love for Miranda has just grown, through meeting new friends, joining the fandom and going to as many events as I possibly can.

How do you show your obsession?

I basically attend as many events as I possibly can and have both Twitter and Tumblr accounts that are dedicated to her. My walls are covered in pictures/posters and all my screensavers on my computer and phone etc. are of varying pictures of her as well as my phone case.

How useful has the internet been for looking up Miranda Hart?

 I use the internet to research Miranda a lot; I have email alerts sent to my phone whenever she is mentioned on websites etc. and this enables me to find out what is in the news about her at the time and whether she has made any announcements about upcoming things.

Do you collect any memorabilia such as books, posters etc.?  

I definitely do. Whenever she’s in a magazine or anything I make sure I buy it and I have many T-shirts, jumpers, mugs, phone cases and anything else you could imagine really. I have both series that are available on DVD and the box set as well as all three series on iTunes, I also have six copies of her book several signed, two paperback versions and one that I read.

Have you met Miranda?

I have been incredibly lucky to meet Miranda seven times since last November. The first time I met her was at the Princes Trust Comedy Gala on the 28th November 2012. I went to the show with my mum and we waited at the stage door afterwards. She came out just before we had to leave meaning we had to run to the tube station afterwards but it was completely worth it. When I met her she gave me a hug, signed my programme and let me have a picture with her. When my mum went to take the picture on her phone  she accidentally clicked the wrong button and closed the camera app down and got herself into a bit of a fluster and kept apologising for taking so long, Miranda however just laughed and replied 'oh don't worry, take your time I've got all day' and the whole time she had her arm around my shoulder smiling.

What is your family and friends reaction to your obsession?

I think it varies really; I mean my friends just accept it really because they have obsessions of their own. My family however aren't always in agreement with me about it, my dad usually gets annoyed if I go to loads of events and he tells me off for putting posters/pictures up all over my walls, my mum is pretty laid back over it all though she doesn't really mind that much. My other family members like my aunties, uncles etc. aren't bothered by it either and would probably say it’s a good thing because it’s easier for them to buy birthday or Christmas presents.

If someone said 'Who is Miranda Hart?' what would be your immediate reaction?

*turns around with a shocked face* "How do you not know who Miranda Hart is?! She is the most beautiful, funny, amazingly brilliant woman to ever walk the earth! Miranda Hart is god!"

If someone said 'I hate Miranda Hart' or posted abuse about her, what wouldn be your immediate reaction?

To defend her. Just like I would any of my friends/family. Then gather up the fandom and make sure that person knows just who they are dealing with...

Finally, why do you love her so much?

I love Miranda Hart because she is the sweetest most genuine person I have ever met and will go out of her way to meet fans at events. I was at one event and we waited at the stage door for ages but she came out a different way just down the road so we sprinted up there and her agent shoved her in the car and told the driver to drive away but Miranda insisted on winding down the window to speak to us.

She also taught me its ok not to be typically 'beautiful' - even though she is 6ft tall with short hair and isn't a size six supermodel she can still look better than any of the other celebrities around.

I also love Miranda because, of course, she is funny! The sitcom always cheers me up when I'm down and never fails to make me laugh. Without her and all her shows I would be nothing. On top of her busy schedule she still manages to find time for charity and the work she has done for Comic Relief is absolutely phenomenal. She inspired me and two friends to do something for Comic Relief so we galloped five miles dressed in spandex and moustaches and raised £450. We also went to the Comic Relief show.

Furthermore she is a spectacular actress and an amazing writer too.  Her work in Call the Midwife is insane; her acting skills are through the roof and she plays her character so incredibly well. I am beyond proud of her for all the awards she has won.

Miranda has a wonderful sense of humour and never does anything but be herself, that is something I admire greatly and I hope to be like her one day.

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