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Meet the Superfan Of: David Mitchell and Victoria Coren


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Comedian David Mitchell (Peep Show, Would I Lie to You?) and journalist and professional poker player Victoria Coren (Only Connect, Heresy) have been married since November last year. Since then, they have been described as the new “power couple” and while they have separate fan bases, some fans have an obsession with the couple as a whole. 15-year-old Lucy Robson is one of them...

Lucy parent's got these mugs as a birthday present

So Lucy, how did you get interested in David Mitchell and Victoria Coren in the first place?

Well I'd been watching the show ‘Would I Lie to You?’ for a couple of years, so I was familiar with him, but I had barely heard of Victoria until they got married. After that I became more interested in the both of them, until I realised that I'd become pretty much obsessed with them!

How do you show your obsession for them? Do you collect newspaper articles, go to their readings etc.?

I went to a recording of Heresy, which featured David as well as Victoria, I went to a book reading of the both of them, and got my copies of their books signed, I watch anything that I can that features either of them, I read all the articles that they write, which includes buying Elle when Victoria has written an article, but mostly it’s just me being ‘fangirly’ with some of my Twitter friends!

How useful has the internet been for your obsession?

Very useful! I've made quite a few friends because of it, who I'm now very close to, and Twitter helps a lot because you have direct tweeting from David and Victoria, which means getting replies from them. I’ve had two from David and 15 from Victoria!

Tumblr is good too, because other people find and notice things to watch, read etc. before you, and you can share ‘fangirling’ experiences.

Do you collect any memorabilia, like books, posters?

Well I have their autobiographies, as well as This Mitchell and Webb Book, the Bruiser box set and series 1 and 2 Soapbox box set, but that's about it, apart from the mug my mum and dad got me for my birthday, which had both David and Victoria on!

What are your family and friends reactions to your ‘fangirling’?

Well my whole family are convinced that David and Victoria are going to get a restraining order against me! But they've learnt to just go with it, though they make it bigger than it is, like with the mug, and when I first got my laptop, my mum made my password C0renM1tchell (I've changed it now!) so basically, they make me seem more ‘stalkerish’ than I am! And my friends tend to ignore it now, though for my birthday, one of my friends almost made me a cake with David, Victoria and me printed on edible transfer paper, and another friend was trying to get birthday tweets off them for me, and print those on to a cake - neither of the cakes were actually created in the end, luckily!

Tell us about the first time you met them.

Only met them once! But when I met them, it was at a book reading they did - it was a good day anyway because I'd met one of my closest internet friends for the first time! The reading took place in the church that they got married in, so that was nice, and they were adorable together during the reading! Then, at the end, they did a book signing. When we got the front of the queue, we were both petrified, but we edged our way towards the table, and told them our names. The response we got from Victoria was surprising: "Oh, you're Lucy and Molly from Twitter aren't you! One of your mums tweets me as well." My friend froze, and all I could reply with was "...that's scary!" though in hindsight, it wasn't that scary at all, with the amount we tweeted her! But they signed our books, and we had a quick chat, and then I couldn't stop smiling! We also tried to get a photo with them, however my friend's granddad doesn't really understand cameras - there were about eight photos, with no more than two people in at once, and I'm in none of them! I didn't mind though, I had a great day! 

If someone said ‘Who is David Mitchell? Who is Victoria Coren?’ What is your immediate reaction?

I get this question a lot! So I simply ask 'Do you watch Peep Show/Would I Lie To You?' and if they say yes, I explain that David is in them. I then explain that Victoria is his wife and that she's sometimes on panel shows and a poker player. If they haven't heard of David, I just say that he is a comedian. There's no point getting angry considering this time last year, I had no idea who Victoria was!

If someone said that 'I hate David Mitchell' or 'I hate Victoria Coren' what's your reaction?

Gasp, say 'oh my god', take a deep breath, remind myself that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and say 'whatever!'

What about when you read abusive internet comments about them?

I tend to ignore it. If I'm in a bad mood, I might reply, or even report it, but I tend to just leave it. Nine times out of ten, someone else has already replied telling them to shut up! It annoys me, obviously, but there's not much I can do about it!

What is your favourite Mitchell/Coren couple memorabilia you own?

My signed books or my mug; the books are special because it is from when I met them, but the mug is personalised in a weird sort of way, and it’s a photo of the two of them when I met them!

Finally, why do love them both so much?

Honestly, I'm not too sure! They're both hilarious, and they're cute as a couple and they're lovely in real life! 

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