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TV Review: Splash!


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Tom Daley teaching a bunch of celebrities how to dive sounds like a sketch you’d see on Sport Relief or a strange dream - but instead it’s part of ITV’s Saturday night prime time schedule. 

Tom Daley SplashAlthough Splash! (exclamation mark included) received a mixed audience response, it proved to be a ratings hit, gathering six million viewers.

Olympian and third best diver in the world Tom Daley has been training a motley crew of celebrities for weeks to dive from a 10m board live on national TV, whilst being judged by Team GB diving coach Andy Banks, Olympic diving silver medallist Leon Taylor and, for some reason, comedian Jo Brand. This week Sugababes singer Jade Ewan, actor/comedian Omid Djalli, TV presenter Jenni Falconer, Jake Canuso and Helen Lederer all took the board with Djalli and Canuso making it through to the next round.

Those of us lucky to watch the show wondered who decided this would be a good idea and moreso who even came up with such a concept. At an hour and a half the show dragged on between lengthy awkward silences, Daley’s obligatory encouragements and the presenters feigned sense of enthusiasm. Despite being car crash TV at its finest, there was something oddly fascinating about watching D-list celebrities fling themselves into a pool. Desperation never looked so good.

Whether the show will continue to rack in such high views is unclear as the format easily became repetitive - but maybe Splash! is so bad it’s good.

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