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Do we need more Skins?


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The announcement that Skins will be gracing our screens for one last time was met with mixed reactions; some commented that the once-edgy drama had lost its cool a couple of series back, but others see it as the perfect way to say goodbye to their favourites from across the show’s history.

According to reports, this final series will see the return of Cassie, one of the first ever Skins group, and later characters Effie and Cook. But will resurrecting past generations draw in viewers, considering the disappointing viewing figures of the most recent series?  Answer: Probably.  Even though Skins has, in all honesty, had its day, the show was a landmark in British television; it broke taboos, shocked audiences, spawned notorious Skins-style parties up and down the country and revealed a number of true acting talents to the world.

Sadly, or perhaps it’s a relief, the producers seem to have run dry the river of taboos.  Storylines that were once fresh and edgy have, six series later, become somewhat tired and formulaic – there is always at least one with some kind of psychological disorder, one ends up pregnant, one is gay, you have your token nerd, and one always ends up dead. Think back over the past five years, and you’ll see that it’s a pretty accurate summary.

Channel 4 has long been THE station for new talent and creative scripts, so perhaps it was inevitable that Skins, rapidly running out of shock tactics, would be usurped by a new generation of shows that present a more light-hearted and relatable view of teenage years. The Inbetweeners and Fresh Meat offer ingenious, brilliant portrayals of high school and university life that are a stark contrast to the frankly depressing nature of most episodes of Skins.

Of course, the show wasn’t all bad; when it was new, the plots were raw and gripping, the characters compassionate, stylish and real. The drama tapped into an angsty teenage mindset, where even the tiniest of issues can seem like the worst event of your life (and threw in a few hot actors and actresses to add to the atmosphere of frustration!). So, while the Skins era may have reached its timely conclusion, there’s no point denying that most of us that were there at the start will be tuning in to see the end, and crossing our fingers that some of those annoying loose ends that kept us hanging are finally tied up!

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