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TV Preview: BBC3's Cuckoo


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BBC3's new comedy, starting tonight, contains an all-star cast of home-grown talent and trans-atlantic giants. Its relatable plot (which might just have happened to you this summer... kind of) promises to have you in stitches.

The show concentrates on a usually in control father, Ken, (Greg Davies of The Inbetweeners fame) and wife Lorna picking up their daughter form her travels around Thailand, where she’s been enjoying her gap year - only to discover she’s come home with a rather permanent souvenir. And by that I don’t mean a regretful tattoo: Rachel has come home with a spiritual, philospical, hippie husband who labels himself a 'spiritual ninja'. Which is a slight imporivement  on his actual name: Cuckoo. Cue Ken’s undeniable and undisguised horror.

The six-part series explores and dissects Ken's relationship with the son-in-law he never expected and slowly but surely realises that underneath all the new age nonsense he will never understand, Cuckoo truly loves his daughter which is what is most important. Cuckoo also helps the rest of the family in various ways and despite his political passions and rantings, everyone falls for what Rachel saw in the first place -  Cuckoo's big soppy heart.

The cast includes comedy giant Greg Davies, Lonely Island and comic genius Andy Samberg as well as Tyger Drew Honey (Outnumbered) and Tamla Kahri (The Inbetweeners).

Cuckoo premieres tonight at 10pm on BBC3.

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