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Campaigning against youth unemployment: Battlefront is back!


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Battlefront, Channel 4’s Emmy winning TV series and online project that follows a group of young campaigners on a mission to change the world, is back and bigger than ever! This year the campaign is aiming to combat youth unemployment.

As usual, the campaign scoured the country in search of four unemployed youths and offered them the fully paid positions of Battlefront campaigners. Their mission: "travel the UK to investigate the massive problem of Britain’s out-of-work 16-24 year olds, guided by expert mentors, cheered on by celebrity supporters and… YOU."

Campaigner Ava Patel, 23, an unemployed Broadcast Journalism graduate from Blackburn, is aiming to take the campaign to top politicians as she sets out to get young people's voices heard on the issue of youth unemployment.

Patel, who has first-hand experience of the harsh realities of unemployment, said: "All we ever hear is the views from employers and politicians that young people are lazy, we're job snobs, and we don't have the skills needed for workplace.

"I've applied for hundreds of jobs and the amount of rejections I received made me feel completely demoralised.

"No-one would tell me why I wasn't right for the job, I felt like every door was slammed in my face."

As part of her campaign Ava is going to form a choir. But not just any choir - a choir of unemployed 18-24 year olds, who will perform in public to get the message out there.

“I gotta get together an unemployed youth choir to get press attention and convince the powers-that-be to listen to young people’s voices on youth unemployment,” wrote Ava in her Battlefront blog

“And oh, to add to that, I’ve gotta sing a short solo. Me. Girl who can’t sing," she added.

But rest assured Ava will be okay as she will be working with chart topper Paloma Faith, who will help her perfect her vocals in time for her big solo.

Not only is Ava being mentored by Political Editor of the Metro, John Higginson, who is the only journalist from a free newspaper to hold a lobby pass in Parliament, she has managed to bag a PR master class with the highest-profile and best-known publicist in the UK, Max Clifford.

In an era where young people are being unfairly branded as ‘lazy’, it is up to Ava to get her message across to the public and politicians alike, and put forth the views of UK youth on the single biggest issue affecting them today. 

Ava wants to show that the youth of Britain are more than ready to work and are desperately trying to avoid becoming what some people are calling the ‘lost generation’.

Just like Ava the other three campaigners have been given expert mentors and with the help of celebrity supporters, politicians, employers, and the young unemployed people of Britain, the Battlefront campaigners will travel round the UK campaigning to combat youth unemployment.

And it seems like they’ve already caught the attention of politicians and celebrities. Here’s what some of their high-profile supporters had to say:

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg: "This in an initiative that I hope will make young people feel that they have a voice at the heart of government." 

Ellie Goulding: "I think it's absolutely amazing what they're doing." 

Toddla T: "Young people campaigning? I think it's good, man, it's a sign of our generation." 

To find out more about Battlefront, the campaigners, and how you can get involved in the campaign, click here.

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