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TV Review: The Midnight Beast


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Musical comedy parody trio The Midnight Beast make the leap from YouTube to the TV screen for their own Flight of the Concords style show on E4.

Like the American series, the show follows the band as struggling poor musicians trying to make it big with their inept manager who seems to be styled on Super Hans from the Peep Show and Liam Gallagher.

The show follows a standard sitcom structure complete with stock characters of weird neighbour and long suffering girlfriend. However unlike Bret and Jermaine the perpetual losers, the snapback adorning and hoodie wearing boys are a lot cooler.

The first episode sets the scene up as the band move in together to their dump of a flat and play a gig in order to earn much needed money to feed themselves. Whilst many of the jokes did not warrant laugh out laughter, the writing was mildly amusing, making it fairly entertaining to watch.

The songs were definitely the stronger part of the show with The Beast perfectly executing their quirky style of parody and pastiche. Although there’s something funnier about two nerdy, painfully awkward and unfashionable guys breaking into a rap than a group who give you serious wardrobe envy.

At times the humour felt quite contrived as expletives were dropped every other word a la Jay from the Inbetweeners. Despite this and the premise not being entirely original The Midnight Beast makes for a harmless bit of mindless entertainment. 

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