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Comment: Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys


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A text, a photo and a sweet smile: it’s how beautiful ladies lure their catch in, and rinse them well and good. In return, they receive their friendship, of course, and a gift or two. It definitely must be worth the trade. Right?

Rinsing is the new term branded to the act of women who use and abuse men and their money.  Within this, men will buy any gift or item from the online ‘shopping list’ to fulfil their duty as a friend. These generous friends will expect nothing in return except for the same mutual friendship back.

It will be made clear by their ‘rinsed’ that no sexual favours will be returned and if they are lucky they may very well get the opportunity to meet the woman they have been showering with gifts. But most importantly, not to forget, it’s the friendship that counts.

When the programme starred on Channel 4, they stated a ‘new breed of woman are making it big business,’ which infuriated many women indeed. Evidently, the woman are clever for finding and mastering the niche market of men that are giving and wanting to splash a wad of cash on them, but these women are no more extraordinary than the ‘day to day woman’.

It is not in the interest of every woman to ‘scam’ a man into paying their utility bills or those Jimmy Choo shoes that cost £485, but for those that it works for, then good for them. Rightfully, everyone is for themselves, can chose their very own career path and decide what to do with it.

The programme shows the life of the rinsers and follows them to see what they get up to. Rinsing qualities: fake tan, boobs, eyelashes and the rinsing phone. The phenomena of technology through Facebook, Twitter and smart phones allows these women to work their men at the touch of a button.

Queen rinser, Jeanette Worthington from Liverpool, uses her Blackberry to display pictures of goodies she likes. Within minutes her phone ‘pings’ and her buyer is waiting at the other line. It seems too easy to be true, and Jeannette just reels in the men. The wallets open and legs remain closed; it goes by the rinsers' rules.

Men that enjoy being rinsed, or haven’t quite realised they have been, are mostly likely to have had their wake up call now. For those that haven’t, if a woman is interested in not you but your money, keeps texting to you, will never meet and suddenly loves the new collection of Prada handbags... beware. You may very well be being rinsed.

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