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TV: What to watch this week


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Switch on - the best on the box this week

Mrs Brown’s Boys – BBC1, Monday – The last in the series of this amazing debut show. Its fantastic, funny and so so crude. Watch this ep and you’ll be waiting for the DVD so you can watch the whole lot.

Fern – C4, 5pm weekdays – The wonderful, now slim, and amazing Fern Britton is back on the TV, With her new talk show lining up against some biggies at that slot, we are definitely in ‘Team Britton’. Great to see the lovely lady back on TV.

The Simpsons – Sky 1, Friday – No we haven’t travelled back in time, there is a feature on the Simpsons! Russell Brand and Ricky Gervais feature in everyone’s favourite cartoon show and Homer is nominated for an Oscar. Plus there’s more parodies than you can shake a stick at, including Wallace and Gromit and Wall-E. Watch it!

Switch off - this week's misses

So You Think You Can Dance – BBC1, Saturday – NOT ANOTHER £$%&*!@ dance show please!

Supersize vs Superskinny – C4, Tuesday – Last week saw the kids being poked and prodded for being mahoosive, or teeny weeny. What sort of parents allows their child to be exhibited in a such a way? This week its the turn of take-away addict Louise who at 21 stone has checked in to the clinic to swap diets with a person that eats nothing. Literally. Fat people put through pain and anguish? Do we really need to see this?

Benidorm- ITV, Friday – After such a promising start to the most recent series (NOT!), the show has failed to pick up the pace anymore and is more slapstick and basic than ever. Granted there are 3 or 4 LOL moments, but in an hour, that’s not a great ratio.

Soap Dish

Eastenders – Dot is found motionless in the dry cleaners and everyone fears the worst, whilst Michael shows his caring side as he plans to do everything he can to get Kat and Alfie back together, although a romantic meal in a boxing ring isn’t exactly what we think the doctor ordered, although it may be appropriate with Kat and Alfie’s past!

Coronation Street – A new face has come into Weatherfield, in the form of Chris Fountain, who plays Tommy Duckworth, Jack’s grandson. He makes a bit of an impression on the cobbles, flirting with Sian and Tina and camping up with Tyrone on his sofa. Elsewhere, Steve is getting sick of the games being played in the Rovers and decides he wants to sell up and leave the Rovers for good.

Emmerdale – Jimmy’s ex Kelly brings son Elliot to the village and introduces him to Jimmy as his son, much to his shock! Cue a face-off between Nicola and Kelly later in the week. Cameron decides to move in with Debbie Dingle and she worries how Andy will take the news. Meanwhile Leyla and David suspect something is not quite right when sister Alicia begins to flash the cash around the village.

Guess Who? Our insider dishes the dirt... well, almost!

Which over friendly TV-star only speaks to fans when the paps are around, otherwise shunning their followers when no-one’s around?

Which TV babe has refused to share a dressing room with her co-stars, believing she is bigger than the show she stars in?

Which hunk, currently in a settled relationship has been developing more than a professional relationship with a new co-star?

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