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TV: What to watch this week


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Switched on:

Monroe, ITV, Thursday – A mix of all the best medical drama’s going. A bit of house, ER, casualty (c’mon it isn’t that bad!), with James Nesbitt taking the helm as a complex surgeon who rules the roost in the hospital. Expect pace, drama and romantic interludes in this slick drama, continuing ITV’s dominance of the best of British.

Let’s Dance for Comic Relief, BBC1, Saturday – Ok so it’s not the final of Strictly and we shouldn’t expect any sort of Brendan Coles to emerge, but this is a great bit of Saturday night TV to support a great cause. Russell Kane and Noel Fielding are just two of the great sports who have put themselves up for public humiliation. Katie Price has too, so make sure you tune in for a good laugh

Switched off:

Push the Button, ITV, Saturday- Yep. Please do... to BBC1

OMG! With Peaches Geldof, ITV2, Wednesday – Any show that uses some from of text speak, OMG/LOL/LMFOA as a form of title doesn’t deserve any attention. But the fact it is followed by two of the most horrifying words in showbiz, Peaches Geldof, really makes this one to MISS.


Soap Dish

Coronation Street – Like Libya, things aren’t going well in Wetherfield. Tina and Graeme come to blows after the arrangement for Graeme to marry Tina’s friend Xin, to get her a passport. But funny moments occur when the street help out re construct Christmas etc for photos of Xin and Graeme, to make their relationship believable. Kevin and Sally row (suprise) and everyone’s favourite older bimbo, Liz Mcdonald makes her way back to the cobbles

Eastenders – Kat puts on a front when its time for Shenice to leave, hiding her real feelings. But soon finds comfort from Alfie, as she lets her true feelings known. Lauren finally gets the truth from Janine about Whitney, and after giving her a fake number to contact her, Janine finally lets it spill to Lauren she has no clue where Whitney is.

Emmerdale – Zak confronts pervy tache’d man Derek after he finds out he raped Lisa. After the loveable oaf that is Jimmy still struggles to remember his previous life before the accident, ex-wife Kelly arrives to apologise to the family for causing Jimmy to be in hospital. Expect fireworks as Nicola’s patience is already hanging by a thread. Declan stirs up more trouble in the village and his ruthless ideas earn him some enemies.

Guess Who? Our telly insider dishes the dirt... well, almost!

Which cockney soap-star is involved in a huge car crash storyline next month?

Which TV duo have had their wrists slapped by big TV bosses after saying they would leave the soap if their characters were split up?

Which reality TV super bitch openly discusses how they love playing up to the character on screen, despite being somewhat meek and, well, a bit boring off it?

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