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4 mindful ways to cut the crap and beat exam blues


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Ailsa Frank, hypnotherapist and author of the book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing, shares some relaxation and exam techniques to help you achieve optimum results.

“Everything you do, think or say comes from your mind, including the way you approach your exams preparation,” Ailsa says. “Mind coaching yourself into the positive can really make a difference to your exam performance in the same way that an athlete will mind coach themselves to win in competition.

“Try three of my simple techniques to relax you, get you focused and get you believing in yourself again. By taking control of your mind you will banish the exam blues into a distant memory.”

1) Clouds in the sky technique

Imagine your exam stresses similar to clouds in the sky. Visualise the clouds moving on by as if the wind is blowing the clouds away, imagine as the clouds shift your exam worries dissolve. Repeat this exercise until you feel calm and relaxed. This technique will reset your thinking back to be calm and focussed.

2) Cartoon visualisation

Visualise yourself as a cartoon in a film in your mind, see yourself sticking to a structured exam preparation routine, see yourself focused, studying hard, researching the best information, taking correct breaks to refuel with water and healthy nutrition. Imagine yourself as a model student, see yourself motivated, excited and happy to be a student in your position. Imagine answering all the questions correctly in exams, writing the correct information. Imagine you have your results and you are jumping for joy with a happy outcome. Seeing a positive film in your mind will help your mind support you to succeed with your studies and exams.

3) Kick boxer confidence technique

Pretend to be a kick boxer. Stand up and do the actions of a kick boxer – within your own fitness capabilities, of course! As you do the kick-boxing actions, boxing with your hands and kicking with your leg, say positive statements about what you want to achieve.

‘I can do this. I am doing this. This is done.’

‘I am doing it. I am doing it. I am doing it.’

'I have amazing study focus. I have amazing memory recall of all study information. I have amazing understanding of this subject. I am alert and learning easily. I have amazing exam confidence. I have amazing exam focus. I am doing amazingly well in my exams. I am doing an amazing dissertation, amazing essays.....'

Add your own name to the beginning of the sentence: ‘[Your name], I am doing this.’

You will feel a positive energy running through your body as you do this exercise, helping you to believe that you can do whatever you need to get done. Your body has a muscle memory pattern and this will train it to feel the positive feelings that enable you to believe in yourself on every level.

4) Sleep well

Play calming music (without lyrics) as you go to sleep at bedtime, as this will rock you into a deep relaxed sleep. A good night's sleep will help you to be more energised.

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