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Revision getting you down? Relax!

5th April 2013

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With essay deadlines and exam season coming up, it’s easy to become snowed under your workload. However, it’s important to maintain a good balance between studying and relaxing. All work and no play will inevitably send you crazy, and you will find that it is much harder to work solidly for hours on end if you don’t take some time out. 

To begin with, you should set yourself a reasonable goal each day. This way, you will feel that you have accomplished what you set out to do rather than sinking into misery because you didn’t get through everything you planned to. You will be far more productive if you make a timetable and stick to it. Schedule regular breaks and break down each section of work into manageable chunks. Once you have finished, walk away from your books and try not to think about it until the next day. This will allow you to take a proper rest and stop you from worrying about how much there is left to do. Taking an occasional day off doesn’t hurt either. Set aside a day or maybe an afternoon where you don’t do anything work related and you’ll find that you can come back to revision with a fresh outlook.

While it is important to take some time out from revising, cutting down on nights out is a good idea. It will be much harder to work when you’re exhausted and nursing a raging hangover, and any work that you do manage will probably be unintelligible the next day. Instead, take a trip to the cinema or throw a dinner party with friends. You will be able to escape any worries about revision for a few hours and still wake up the next morning ready to hit the books again.

Making sure you keep up regular exercise is also a great way to clear your mind while you are studying. Taking a trip to the gym or going for a run will keep you alert as well as giving you some down time. Even going for a ten-minute walk will ensure you leave the house and get some distance. If you are feeling particularly stressed, going to a yoga class will help soothe your anxieties and put you in a better mind-set.

Alongside this, making sure you are eating well will give you the energy to make through all those textbooks. Avoid skipping meals to work at all cost, and don’t be tempted to stock up on junk food and energy drinks to keep you going. They will keep you going for a while, but will eventually make you crash into a jittery wreck. Starting off with a good breakfast, taking a lunch break and having healthy snacks on hand will keep your attention up. 


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