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How to banish exam fear

2nd April 2013

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Booked the summer holiday? Watching what you eat? Going to the gym to get the perfect Victoria Secrets bikini bod, or guys the hardest six-pack you can? Searching the web for gorge summer clothes instead of doing uni work? Summer is getting close then?

But the closer to summer it gets, the closer to the dreaded exam period it gets. But fear not students, this is a guide to make sure you will take to the time like a duck to water, and not having to give up your summer plans to come back and sit yet ANOTHER exam.

Step one: Revise NOW

Start revision now. I know it may seem early but your brain cannot cram a year’s work of note making in a week. So the easiest way is to start making notes now, every night whilst watching TV, then start to look over them and gradually you will know it off by heart. Simple!

Step two: Calm down on the partying

Now this does not mean stop altogether, because let's admit, you are only a student once so you need to take full advantage while you can. Just don’t go out EVERY SINGLE night. Think of the money you are saving for your summer plans. Two out of seven nights is more than acceptable. Who wants to revise with a hangover, ey?

Step three: Eat healthily 

Not only will this help you achieve you Victoria Secret bikini body (or in a males case that perfect six pack) it will also help your body and mind become healthier. The famous student takeaway regime may seem like the easiest option when you come in from a hard days work at uni, but think about how much money you are wasting and how much saturated fat is going in to you. A simple omelette will motivate your mind and they are SO easy to make. They even taste nice burnt. Kind of. 

Step four: Drink water

Water is FREE. Simple. The word ‘free’ is a student’s best friend, so why not take advantage of the water fountain in the library or your tap at home? Water also keeps your hydrated, which will keep you in top form all day and wide awake. Plus taking a trip to the coffee machine every hour may be keeping you awake, but it is staining your young, pearly white teeth.

Step five: Go to the library

XBox, iPlayer, tidying up, making numerous amounts of snacks – these are all things that can and will distract you when revising for your exams, meaning less work gets done and you are constantly on edge. Most libraries have blocked TV streaming websites, as well as Facebook and twitter, so there will be nothing to distract you - meaning you get more done in less time.

Step six: Work hard, play hard

Ok, I have already said that two nights a week is acceptable for now, however coming up closer to the exam period it will mean your parting will soon come to an abrupt end for a couple of weeks. Up to 14 days, not long at all. However on the days you decide to go out, revise that day, as then you feel better about yourself when you are dying in a bottomless pit the following morning.

Step seven: Get an early night

A typical day for a student might go - uni, nap, eat, nap, watch TV, nap, do some work, nap, eat, nap. See the pattern? EVERY STUEDNT NAPS, but this is only because if you nap through the day you end up staying up until all hours of the morning, meaning you are tired when you wake up and so the cycle starts over. You must now NOT NAP through the day as this is valuable time you could be doing some work. Get an early night and you will wake up fresh as a daisy the following day. 

Step eight: Be colourful

Nobody wants to be looking back of boring notes, so it's time to get artistic. Colourful card, colourful pens, colourful stickers, if it has colour in it – use it. Then when you look back on your notes you will feel happy and remember the info more easily.

Step nine: Get organised

You know you have an exam, you know the date, one problem is you don’t know the place or time – useless. Do not rely on your friends to tell you where to go, be independent. Check the week before so you are clear of the building and time

Step 10: Breath and relax

Exam periods can be stressful for those unprepared, however if you follow these steps you will breath a sigh of relief when walking out of that exam. If you go in these stressed and shook up, your mind will become blank. Believe in yourself!

If you follow these pointers you will have a successful exam period - (almost) stress free! Good Luck!

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