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The importance of an organised work space

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As university work piles up, it’s easy to let your desk also pile up with notes, books and study snacks taking over. However, the busier you are, the more important it is that your desk is tidy to keep your mind clear and organised.

It may feel like procrastination, but spending a bit of time rearranging your desk and transforming it into a comfortable work space is worth the effort. If you invest the time into ordering the space and making your notes as easy to find and navigate as possible, you can speed up your studying and save time in the long run.

Photo: Chloe Rowland. Desk set up using products from Primark.

Removing clutter from your desk will not only make your work space look better, but it will also improve your mindset, giving you more space to work and breathe without unnecessary distractions. When trying to clear up your desk, think about whether all of the things on your desk are adding value to your work space

It can be helpful to split up the items on your desk into three categories: study necessities, study comforts and unnecessary extras. Stationary, notes and books will, of course, be study necessities, and you may want a candle, photo frame or small plant on your desk to lift your mood. Items that are not relevant or helpful for your studies, however, such as full notebooks that you no longer need or pens which no longer work can be recycled, thrown away or moved into storage as unnecessary extras.

And, when the work really picks up and deadlines are approaching thick and fast, you’ll be glad that your organised desk space will make studying as efficient and pain-free as possible.

Photo: Emily Harrison. Desk set up using products from Primark. 

As well as having a work space which is neat, tidy and comfortable it is also important to have one which is distinctly separate from your living space. While it can be tempting to work from the comfort of your bed, particularly as winter approaches and the duvet looks increasingly inviting, this can have a negative impact on both your work and sleep.

Not only can lying in bed make you too relaxed to work effectively, but it can also mean that, when you try to drift off at night, you will be in work-mode and will therefore not be relaxed enough to sleep: it’s a lose-lose battle.

By keeping your desk as the designated work space in your home and ignoring the temptation of working in bed, you will likely notice huge benefits to your work and sleep. And, when you put in the effort to make your desk into a work space which is as productive, comfortable and organised as possible, you may even find that studying becomes just a bit more enjoyable.

Photo: Pagan Locke. Desk set up using products from Primark. 

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