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Tips to improve creative productivity


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With the start of term approaching, here are some tips to make a better use of your time to better produce creative work, be it for school or personal use.

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1. If you have a great idea, don't tell people about it. 

The human brain is odd. You tell people about a great premise for a book, a song or a script that you came up with. Then, you take in their reactions: "Oh my god that would be amazing!" “Yes, you can so do that!"

Then, it feels as though you’ve fast forwarded to the end, where you get all the praise and validation for which you craved. What happens next? You don't finish it (or do it) at all. So, the next time you want to explore that great idea you invented, don’t tell anyone, just do it!

2. Do it quick!

Write down lines as they come to your head. Record the little melody you randomly played on your guitar. Don’t just wait around for a good “time” to sit down and brainstorm. Ideas ebb in and out like the water. Note them down no matter how small they might seem! Remember, the little details matter.

3. Don't aim for 100%, aim for 80%. 

The 80% that you put in a creative endeavour is where you learn the most about yourself, your talents and your skills. The 20% you put in afterwards is unneeded stress. There is no need to have seven different versions of one project. In creative work, there is no such thing as perfection; sometimes, there is only 'getting it done.' 

Life becomes so much easier once we accept the inevitable nature of subjectivity. Tweaking every single detail may not necessarily make it better.

4. Create… for yourself!

Not only does the work have to come from you, it also has to be for you. As the saying goes, write like no one’s watching…

Believe in your vision and stick with it.

5. Lastly, be patient with yourself

New ideas take time. Art imitates life, so go out there and live your life! Experience new things and see where life takes you, and don’t ever be scared to let your art evolve with time.

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