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How to fall back in love with your university course


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Stressful courses are always a sure fire way to ruin your time at university.

Although a little stress is inevitable, you can definitely enjoy university and your courses.

Here are 5 tips to help you fall in love (or back in love) with your university classes:

1. Take classes you actually enjoy

Obviously, there are going to be prerequisites you need to take care of, and after that some possible trial and error while finding your passion and career; however, university is the perfect time to delve into what you love to do. If you aren’t taking a class you enjoy, at least you know you don’t enjoy it. The next time you choose modules, try something different!

2. Engage with the material

Whether it be an art class or a science class find a way to be interested in what you’re learning. Ask questions and involve yourself with the content. In order to engage with the material, it helps to personalize it and find a part of the subject that interests you.

3. Find good coping strategies for stress

Stress is inevitable, especially at university, but the key to enjoying university is coping strategies. Whether that be exercise, a bubble bath, venting to a friend, or other forms of self-care, it is important to find a way to release stress and anxieties.

4. Make the class enjoyable

If worse comes to worse, make the class enjoyable. Maybe that means finding good friends in the class to make it through, or it could be something outside of the class such as rewards for accomplishing certain goals in the class. Ensuring you have something to look forward to in a class always helps it seem more enjoyable.

5. Find meaning in the what your learning and personalise

When you can connect a subject to yourself or something that feels real and relatable, the class suddenly seems a lot more useful and worth your time.

Maybe you are in a biology class and just don’t see how learning about cells is going to help anything in the world. However, when you look at it and realize that these cells literally make you what you are, the subject becomes more interesting and sparks more questions. 

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