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5 crazy bars you must visit when in Berlin


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This is a Student Travel Writer 2018 competition entry

Berlin is by far the top of the bop when it comes to quirky nightlife, as the German capital boasts all sorts of strange and weird places to go for a beer.

We’ve put together a list of a few places you might fancy visiting while staying in Berlin. If you’re ready for it, that is.

1. Madame Claude

No need to get drunk to see upside down in this one bar, as furniture is literally hanging off the ceiling and everything is turned the wrong way around. It also used to be a brothel.

2. Doctor Pong

Doctor Pong is a simple, standard basement room where locals recollect to play ping-pong and have a beer. Ping-pong bars are in fact a favorite trend for Berliners, as love for this sport first developed in the times of wars and spies, when playing table-tennis would easily hide conversation with the sound of the ball on the table.

3. Das Klo Bar

This is a creepy one, where you’ll find all sorts of strange and deranged things, including toilet-seat chairs and drinks served in hospital flasks. 

4. Beckett’s Kopf

An exquisite homage to the Irish playwright Samuel Becket, this bar can only be identified by a portrait of the author on a door in the street, and boasts cocktail menus under the form of books.

5. Fairytale

About writers again, this bar is the one you want to visit if you’re a fan of fairytales, or the Brothers Grimm specifically. Everything is timed to story-like perfection as you’ll be slipping through a rabbit hole whilst you drink out of a glass slipper.

The number of amazing bars hidden in Berlin is ever-changing. Several I cannot even write about, as they boast a very strict speak-easy like policy, hiding with no signs, underneath restaurants or within antique buildings, using no menus and taking no card. I’m guessing that’s part of the fun though, so the German capital is all yours to discover. And drink.  


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