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5 tapas dishes you must try when in Barcelona


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This is a Student Travel Writer 2018 competition entry

Tapas are typical Spanish snacks and plates of national cuisine in small portions. When in Barcelona you absolutely have to try some tapas bars, maybe accompanying them with a glass, or an entire jar, of exquisite sangria. I've put together a short compilation of my favourite tapas from my trip to Barcelona!

1. Jamon Serrano

This dry-cured Spanish ham is a delicacy for meat lovers.

2. Croquetas

Croquetas can be stuffed with ham, cheese, chicken or shrimp... or anything they think of to be honest. Crunchy on the outside, delicious, warm and soft on the inside - I'd have kilos of em.

3. Pulpo a la gallega

This traditional Spanish Galician dish is boiled octopus dipped in paprika for the perfect blend of spicy and sweet. 

4. Patatas Bravas

Although these aren't my personal favourite, if you're in the mood for little squarede fried potatoes with a typical sauce of tomato and pimiento, this is your go-to.

5. Tortilla de patatas

Onions and potatoes. When have you ever wanted anything else?

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