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7 foods and drinks you must try when in Lisbon


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This is a Student Travel Writer 2018 competition entry

Portugal, like its long-hated companion and neighbor Spain, has some very delicious traditional food you must try before you leave. For the Student Travel Writer 2016 competition I made you a compilation of the things I believe you should definitely try.

1. Bacalhau

This word, meaning cod in Portuguese - specifically dried and salted cod - is the number one fish dish you have to try when in Lisboa. It is believed that there are 1,000 recipes in Portugal alone.

2. Caldo Verde

This is a traditional Portuguese soup: onions, potatoes and kale, cooked with garlic and olive oil. Not my favourite, but still very iconic.

3. Sardine Pate

I never particularly appreciated pates, but the Sardine pate in Lisbon is so tasty. Eat it with olives and spread it on bread and you’ve got a very salty and very delicious starter.

4. Porco Preto

And Pata Negra… meat lovers, come to this! Porco Preto, literally meaning the black pig, is a native Iberian species of the common domestic pig, and it’s the meat you have to try when in Lisbon.

5. Pasteis de Belem

Although in my screwed-up head it isn’t a dessert if it doesn’t have chocolate, this typical Belem pastry is a delicacy you cannot miss. This egg tart pastry is divine. Go to Belem, the area in Lisbon, and seek out the eponymous shop with over 400 tables you can sit at and have some coffee or tea to accompany three, four, maybe five of those pastries.

6. Vinho Verde

Vinho Verda is a traditional Portuguese wine which literally translates to “green wine”. However, it’s called “green” not because of its color but because of the fact that the vines are plucked when the grapes are still green, so it means “young wine”. It’s a bubbly and it can be white, rose or red!

7. Ginja

This is a Portuguese liquor made by infusing sour cherries known as ginja berries. Look out for street booths and stalls selling it in small chocolate shots!

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