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4 museums you should definitely visit if you're in Brussels


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This is a Student Travel Writer 2018 competition entry

On the first days of my travels, whilst in Brussels, I basically underwent a museum tour de force, visiting as many museums as possible.

Since I enjoyed them all that much, I've put together a brief list of the ones you should definitely check out if you visit!

1. The Magritte Museum 

Admitting that I'm an absolute sucker for surrealism, the Magritte museum is a cozy, clear look at Magritte's art as well as life. 

The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium has the world’s largest collection of works by René Magritte. The pieces in the collections vary from sketches to posters to postcards to massive oils on canvas, showing his growth as a person and as an artist, as well as his relationship with those surrounding him.

The exclusive brief documentary about his way of being as a host to an admiror was also very helpful to my understanding of him across the board. His constant reminder of the fact that how we perceive reality might not actually be how reality is, always keeps me on my toes, and it's exquisitely explained in this exposition.

2. The Musée Oldmasters Museum

The grandiosity of this museum kept me gazing at everything for entire hours, just wandering round the massive empty rooms whilst trying to soak it all in.

Covering a period from the 15th to the 18th century, the collection is of works originated in Southern Netherlands, with special attention to the genius Pieter Bruegel. The Museum was founded in 1801 by Napoleon Bonaparte, but it was in 1830, with Belgian independence, that it really became a major institution. 

3. The Music Museum

This museum is a shout to look at even if just from the outside, as it is located within a majestic Art Nouveau building erected in 1899 and that used to house the Old England shops.

Whilst I personally found it a bit dry, not being much of a music conoisseur, the collection of musical instruments in this museum is absolutely brilliant. The MIM exhibits some 900 instruments spread around three floors in chronological and then geographical order.

Whilst the instruments are just there to be looked at, a headset is provided at the beginning of the tour, enabling each visitor to discover every one of the instruments at their own pace, listening to recorded compositions and performances of great calibre.

4. The Comic Strip Museum 

Did you know Brussels is birthplace to the Smurfs? And Tin Tin, the protagonist of the saga about a boy detective and his partner in crime, the dog Snowy? I

n fact Brussels is home to very many great comic strip artists and innovators. Thc city itself is constellated with comic strip art across buildings throughout the streets, and you can visit the fun and funky Comic Strip Museum for less than £10.

"An encounter with a world where creativity has no limits," with more than 700 comic strip authors, Belgium has more comic strip artists per square kilometre than any other country in the world! 

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