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We've made you the perfect travel playlist


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This is a Student Travel Writer 2018 competition entry

As I left for my journey roughly a week ago, on a bus ride with Eurolines from London to Bruxelles, I realised how much the music I was listening to on the bus was making a difference in my mood.

Although Spotify's collection of my year's favourite songs was by far a massively cool one - they were, after all, MY songs of the year - it easily got boring since it's a collection of music I've listened to so much this year I know off by heart backwards!

Given that I wasn't going to waste a second of my happy time abroad, I asked my fellow National Student travel writers to give me their top travel songs.

Here is our playlist all done and dusted, and ready for any suggestions you'd like to add.

We've got the likes of "On Our Way" by The Royal Concept as "the perfect pop anthem for travellers, it captures the excitement before going on a trip and reminds you to live in the moment and make the most of it" suggested by our writer Maddy Grace Stewart

"The Great Escape" by Boys Like Girls is the perfect suggestion by our writer Ellie Morley, this track will make you want to drop everything and leave!

I obviously  chucked some dubstep in the mix, as well as a little of The Kooks with "See The World" - which is literally what I'm singing around all Europe as I write. 

Check out our travel playlist here:

Let us know what you think!

In order to provide no entrant with an unfair advantage, Student Travel Writer 2018 competition entries are edited for grammar only - stylistic choices and headlines are solely the work of the writer in question and not of The National Student's editorial staff. 

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