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5 Reasons Prague is the perfect destination for a broke student


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Climb the stairs to a magical castle, eat cinnamon donuts encased with ice cream, drink the darkest beer you've ever had and be surrounded by beautiful buildings with a backdrop of rolling green hills.

Prague is a city with a difference, not just because drugs are legal and liquor is cheap - but because it's like stepping back in time with plenty of amazing experiences on your doorstep. Here is why your next student break should be spent in the Czech Republic.   

1. Walk around… for free

Much of Prague’s beauty is in the historical buildings of Old Town. Once I arrived at PLUS Prague Hostel my roommate told me, “rule number one of Prague: never look down”, and she was completely right. The pretty pastels of the tall houses around the city will steal your heart and the medieval feel of the castle constantly peering down at you will make you feel like you’ve travelled back in time. Use your feet and your eyes, it’s completely free!

2. Take a tour… for free

As with many cities in Europe you can hop on a FREE walking tour multiple times a day. There are so many different ones running, mainly from the astronomical clock in Old Town Square. I recommend going with ‘SANDEMANs NEW EUROPE’, I’ve taken many of their tours in different cities, including Amsterdam, and the guides are always hilarious and so knowledgeable.  It will last about three hours and all you do is chose how much to tip the guide at the end of the tour, try to be reasonable here but of course you can make the afternoon work to your budget. Win, win!

3. Different currency

The Euro isn’t too far off the value of the pound these days and this can make it feel rather expensive on long term trips around multiple cities. Prague however is a different world when it comes to many things, including their currency. When I travelled here last month the conversion rate was approximately £1 – 33 Czech Koruna (pronounced crowns). My first meal was a very large vegan pizza and it came to a grand total of about £3!  

4. Cheap booze

It’s not just the food that’s incredibly affordable, you can grab genuine Czech beer for around £1 and I highly recommend the cocktails. I’ve taken the time to test them for you of course and they come strong and cheap! Much of the Czech Republic reminds me of Russia in the sense that the language sounds similar and the vodka comes strong!

5. Awesome clubs

After all those bargain cocktails you’re going to want to do a little dancing, right? Fear not, Prague had the best clubs I experienced on my trip around Europe. Many of them are multi-story, open late and close at sunrise. Upon entering the first club we partied in I was greeted by a pair of professional Latino dancers doing the cha-cha on a platform above a DJ who was playing amazing Latin and Salsa music. After a long overnight coach from Berlin and two hours sleep I swore my first night out in Prague would be a few casual drinks - before long I was swept up by the music and ended up doing a very drunken version of the Salsa until 5am. 

Prague is filled with history, beauty and adventure which you should also indulge in after all that budget pizza and alcohol. The city is certainly different from the rest of Europe and is full of life. Experience it yourself at Christmas for the perfect festive getaway.

Stay at a hostel with a difference, PLUS Prague (it has a Pool and SAUNA!)

Charlotte travelled in Europe as part of The National Student's Student Travel Writer 2016 competition, with Eurolines. See more entries to the Student Travel Writer competition here.

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