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The do's and don'ts of travelling with your girlfriend


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Your first trip abroad with that special someone is a big milestone in every relationship. Many couples who meet at university will quite likely enjoy some quality time away together in-between semesters.

For most couples, spending a week abroad with no one but each other for company can be a make or break situation. Some may even decide to spend weeks or months stuck together travelling around the continent, just like I had the pleasure of doing for the latter half of my trip throughout Europe. Below you will find a few key do's and don'ts that may or may not be based on my own experiences:

DO accept the fact that your girlfriend is right about everything.

Whether you’re arguing about the correct Euro to Forint conversion rate next to a Hungarian cashpoint in front of a queue of irate locals, or how much time you need to allow yourself to get from your hostel to the train station, she probably knows better than you.

DON'T take things too personally.

You will have arguments, and there may be some name calling on both sides, but she doesn’t really mean it anymore than you do.

DO print off anything and everything. And make copies.

She will marvel at how well organised you are and how easy you make travelling. Or you could “forget”/not bother and find yourself trying to convince a rather impatient coach driver to let you on the bus five minutes before departure, even though you don’t have a printed ticket to hand.

DON'T insist on paying for every last thing.

As romantic and chivalrous as it may seem to pop your foreign currency card down at the end of every meal, it can add up fast. Also it’s not 1955 anymore. Try to agree on how you’re going to spend your money; and take turns treating each other to dinner.

DO remember to take her eating habits into consideration.

Take the time to research restaurants beforehand, that way you might avoid having that awkward moment where you’re sat in a seafood restaurant planning your subtle dash out the door when she reminds you that she hates fish. And prawns. And lobster. Actually pretty much anything that doesn't live on dry land.

And finally, don’t forget to have fun!

Whether this is your first getaway together or your fiftieth, don’t let the little slip ups prevent you and your girlfriend from having the time of your lives!

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