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Why Berlin is a hipster's haven

26th May 2015

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It is no secret that Europe is filled with all kinds of grungy, authentic goodness, but Berlin undoubtedly takes the crown for the 'hipster' capital. The city fuses history, art, culture and a vibrant nightlife into a confusing yet strangely appealing blend where there is something to be found for everyone. It is difficult not to fall victim to the attraction of this alluring city.

If you are looking for something off the beaten track, far away from the shiny western tourist attractions, follow this guide - it's time to travel like a local.

Michelberger Hotel

Michelberger is the traveller's dream. Starting with this place is a no-brainer because the base of your trip (your accommodation) is a pivot upon which everything else will rotate around.

Budget travelling often means roughing it in hostels, but this affordable alternative set inside a concrete warehouse really shows you what Berlin is all about; it is a trendy urban paradise, a reflection of youthful hedonism and ultimate creativity. Rooms are playful and spacious, decorated with books, globe lighting, thick mustard curtains and one too many other quirky features to count, without even mentioning the elevated loft areas. By night the bar and lounge area transformed into both a fun and very chilled dimly lit environment. Here you will stumble across people from all ways of life, making it a wonderful place to 'people watch', mainly meeting young creatives with unconventional and insightful stories to tell.


Photoautomats are a vintage lover's dream come true. I'll spare you from the romantic mush that was my boyfriend and mine's turn in the booths but the whole experience felt imbued with nostalgia for a time we weren't even alive. Stumbling into a booth after a drink or two felt like we were dead set within an 'indie' movie with the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack whirring in the background. The simplicity and raw authenticity of these moments is what makes them so special. At only two Euros a strip, it is hard not to find yourself stuck in one for hours on end and as they are at such a high density in the city, you quite literally cannot escape. The results, a novelty black and white four strip analogue photo, are a totally precious, keep-till-you-die sort of memento. 

East Side Gallery

Here you will find liberating pieces of art promoting freedom, individualism and anarchy. However, some may argue that the most raw and personal pieces can actually be found where you least expect them. Plastered across walls down dirty back alleys you'll find graffiti expressing love and equality, embodying the creativity and spirit of Berlin. Despite the pieces of art looking colourful and almost cheerful from the outset, you can still sense the fear and pathos they represent underneath. The city does not shy away from its horrific past but rather embraces it in a reverential way, seen in the vast collection of artwork and memorials scattered across the land. At the end of the day, cracks still prevail and this is what makes the city so eye-opening.

Ramones Museum and Bar

Whether you are the person who wears a Ramones t-shirt because they actually like the band or the one who wears it as a mere fashion statement, a visit to this museum and bar cannot go amiss. Littered with frames hanging upon wood-stained walls, unconventional light features, vintage garlands and enough vinyl records to last you a lifetime, they describe themselves as "A place where memories could be shared and stories could be told". The Ramones museum has been visited by many a punk hero, also attracting the likes of Biffy Clyro, Bombay Bicycle Club, Frank Turner and You Me At Six who have all performed there in the past. 


Undoubtedly the best burger you will have ever tasted, Burgermeister comes as nothing short of a surprise for a grimy street side kiosk tucked neatly below a bridge. Everyone says that they are the best damn burgers to ever grace your existence and I can support that first-hand. However, the place itself is an experience as it is. As they blast loud DnB music and you sit upon novelty seats made from used beer crates and pipes, you will find yourself feeling way too cool for your own good.

So hop on over to Germany's capital where you will find trendy parks, bohemian markets and organic cafes in abundance. Everyone who visits the city has a completely different experience, each encountering just a small, unique portion of its overall eminence. Berlin is bursting with ethnic eccentricity and has its arms wide open to welcome you in.

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