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5 reasons you should go backpacking in Asia this summer


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If you want adventure this summer, and want more than Europe has to offer, then go to Asia. Take this risk, book a flight and get reading those Lonely Planet travel guides on the top places to go.
Imagine visiting a new country every week, a new city every other day, meeting new friends on a train to Hanoi and getting to experience ten different cultures in only 30 days. This is backpacking, and these are five reasons why you should throw on your backpack and head over to Asia this summer. 
1. You get to see so many cities
Of course you can backpack through Asia in the summer and relax, but you'll end up only seeing a handful of countries before you have to head back to uni in the UK. If you plan well and prioritise where you would like to go the most, then in a month or two you could see an array of different countries, cities and cultures across Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, India and Indonesia. Although it is fast-paced at times, it does mean that you get to see so many amazing places for a very reasonable price. You can expect to spend around £1,200 on six weeks travel, accommodation, food, and anything else you may desire.
2. Everything is jam-packed 
Whether you are sightseeing, have a train to catch, or have a couple of days to see everything one city has to offer, you are never bored. There is always something to do when you are backpacking! It makes the adventure so much more exciting when you are constantly on the move and planning your diary every few days. The only waiting around you'll ever do is waiting for that train in Bangkok train station or the wait to get off the boat when you're about to throw up from the night before. 
3. Who needs sleep when there is no stress
Aside from remembering when your next train is and booking hostels or maybe when lost and tired, backpacking really isn't stressful, unless you manage to get yourself in to a sticky situation. You don’t have to worry about home or work or real life and can forget about the real world for a whole month. You are in control of your own destiny and you are also in control of your trip, so take a step back, list the priorities and enjoy. If you want to spend the day sleeping by a pool, you do that. 
4. You meet so many people 
Unlike in the UK, where if someone comes up to you in a cafe or a club and starts talking to you you would be totally freaked out, in Asia thats normal. It’s strange when you are away how easy it is to meet people and how friendly and welcoming everyone you meet is. You can make new best friends within a couple of days and because everyone else is doing the same it doesn't seem weird. It is great to share stories, and staying in hostels is 100% the best way to meet different people.
5. Go now whilst you still can
Before you get the 9-5 Monday to Friday job and sit back one day and realise that you might not ever get to go backpacking again with such freedom. Unless you quit your job, but then there a risk, and then you have to get another job when you return. Backpacking whilst you're at university is easy, all you are going back to is being a student and the easy life. So if you're thinking about it, do it. Or else you might just regret it.

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