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What a workout!

19th June 2013

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Exercising is tough - really tough. And for most people it’s not the actual physical exertion itself that is the biggest challenge, it’s the tedium of the routine. Every time you go to the gym you go through the same routine don’t you?

FitnessGet yourself there either way too early in the morning or after work when you’re drained and tired. Get changed in drab dressing rooms. Try and find a machine somewhere that doesn’t have massive queues behind it. And then it’s the same old routine: stick your earphones in and get down to running on the treadmill, powering on the bike or pumping some iron. 

Every gym visit is pretty much the same. Oh, you can change up your list of tunes or vary the order in which you go on the machines, but it’s essentially the same thing day in, day out. That’s precisely the reason why loads of people simply stop going back. Not because they don’t like the exercise, but they are just very, very bored. 

Most gyms make a halfhearted attempt to give you something to look at while you’re powering away on their machines. Usually there’s music pumping through some communal speakers, which is very rarely to your taste. There are more often than not screens somewhere or other in the gym, usually pumping out a bad MTV channel. 

Basically, we’re pretty sure that gyms could work a lot harder to make your workout much more fun - so that you keep going back! Screens with individual keyboards on the front of treadmills would be awesome - imagine scrolling through Netflix and watching a film while you run? Or chatting to a friend on Skype - if you have enough breath that is! 

But what if you wanted to step it up even more? Play games while toiling away on the stepper for instance? What could while away the time better than getting on Angry Birds from your elliptical trainer? Or maybe you want something to really take your mind off the pain in your muscles? Some online gambling could add another dimension to your workout and have the added bonus of keeping your heart rate at an all time high! A few hands of online poker would definitely get your mind of your exercise, or perhaps spinning an online roulette wheel or playing online slots where you can get big slot machine bonuses; this would get your heart pumping even harder as you try to win again and again and again. 

Depending on how long you can stand the cardiovascular scenes you could mix up watching your favourite videos on YouTube, an episode of your favourite show on iPlayer and a few games of roulette or blackjack on an online casino site. You could find that you get so engrossed in the entertainment that you can’t wait to get back into the gym the next day - now wouldn’t that make a change!

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