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MAKING IT - increasing your earnings...

19th March 2013

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Personal finance journalist Lucy Tobin knows a thing or two about making money go further. Follow her tips to maximise your spending money...

By shopping... “New cashback schemes mean you can even get paid to walk into shops. iPhone and Android phone owners who download a free Quidcoapp can, when visiting certain stores, receive 10-50P – and hey, it all adds up, and if you’re out shopping anyway…”

From your man-draw “Old mobiles and other electrical gadgets that have piled up in the ‘man drawer’ could well be recycled for money. With sites like or Tesco Mobile, all you have to do is enter your phone’s details on the sites, including whether it’s working or not (even broken ones are accepted), and they will offer you a fee and send out a free envelope or Jiffy bag for you to post back your mobile.”

With your mind “Check out, where businesses post problems that are foxing them. A lot of them are really techy: ‘Seeking Cyclazinium Salts’, is the introduction to one firm’s request, with a $600 fee for each one (whatever one is) that is found. But some are creative, or business-orientated (‘work out systems to monitor institutional corruption’ – for an $8,000 reward). It’s more lucrative than doing a sudoku . . .”

From photos… “Photo banks like are always looking for shots to illustrate articles and more, and you’ll earn royalties for each one sold – in some case fifteen per cent each time pictures are downloaded.”

Lucy Tobin’s book Ausperity: Live the Life You Want for Less is published by Quercus Books and is out now.


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