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Want to get a job in charity? Boob HQ share their advice

22nd April 2016
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CoppaFeel! Is a breast cancer awareness charity set up in 2009 by Kris Hallenga to get young people talking about and checking their boobs. Here they share their advice on what it takes to make an impact in the charity sector and beyond.

Lets be clear: volunteering is where it’s at

If you’re thinking about life post uni and want your CV to stand out from the crowd, start volunteering. Simple. Demonstrating that you’re willing to give your time and energy to something you care about is worth its weight in CV gold. It’s obvious really, but volunteering gives you a chance to develop skills outside your degree, to make a name for yourself and get yourself valuable experience in the world of work. CoppaFeel!’s Health & Education Manager Sophie started out volunteering for our Uni Boob Team at Leeds University, as a team leader, before interning as our festival tour manager and then finally joining the team at Boob HQ in London. Which proves volunteering is a great way to make your face known - and it doesn’t always have to mean making tea. 

You don’t need to be in London

There’s a popular perception that all charity jobs are based in London - but this isn’t true. A quick Google will show you there are tonnes of opportunities to get involved with charities all around the country, and if you’re at university you’ll most likely have a volunteering department entirely dedicated to hooking you up with the perfect role in your local area. Make use of it. CoppaFeel!’s Uni Boob Team programme spans the UK, with teams at universities from Aberdeen to Aberystwyth - and if you can’t find a team at your uni, set one up and earn yourself the coveted title of Uni Boob Team leader. It’s an elite club.

Don’t be afraid to do things differently

Finding a graduate job is notoriously competitive, so clearly a key part of breaking into an organisation is finding a way to stand out from everyone else.

If you want to have an impact, be creative and try to find new ways of doing things. CoppaFeel! aims to stand out by doing things differently, from posting bare breasts on 10 foot billboards to filling swimming pools with inflatable boobs or throwing our annual festival, we aim to challenge people’s ideas of how people communicate about breast cancer. We like to see the same innovation from our volunteers; our Uni Boob Teams have been known to throw boob ball matches (like dodgeball, with boobs), take over their launderettes with boob checking reminders and host bra-pong tournaments, all in the name of boobs. They might take their work seriously but they don’t take themselves too seriously, and are unafraid of donning our ginormous boob costumes and gallivanting around their campus.

Start now! Apply to be a Uni Boob Team leader

We’re recruiting a new troupe of team leaders to captain the Uni Boob ship and help us spread the word on campus. We want you to get students talking about and checking their boobs. You’ll have 6 missions over the course of two terms, from hijacking the showers in your gym with sneaky boob-checking reminders to throwing an epic club night takeover. If you think you’ve got what it takes to help CoppaFeel! make noise and save lives, we want to hear from you. Apply now at


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