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Top Ten Housemate Faux Pas

2nd May 2013

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Housemate Faux Pas

So, if you’re at university it’s likely that at some point you will be involved in a house-share. The people you live with often become your best friends, as it’s almost impossible not to get close to someone you share a toilet with.   

It’s natural for people to have irritating habits and make the occasional faux pas, even if you are lucky enough to click immediately.  Compromising with the people you live with is often one of the toughest lessons you will learn and it’s important to remember that you are being judged as critically as you judge them.  Some social blunders can easily go unmentioned but here is the top ten list of guaranteed housemate faux pas that will earn you a place in the doghouse.

1) Excessive Partying

You might feel that being drunk in university is almost expected of you.  However sleeping all day, being too broke to pay rent and eating everyone else’s food when under the influence will upset even the most laidback of housemates.  There’s nothing wrong with having a good time but be sure to manage that fine line between fun party animal and needing an intervention.

 2) Being the Ultimate Uni-Lad

Playing team sports at university is a highly prized experience but make sure not to let the testosterone and flip-flops take over. Heavy drinking and top notch banter leads to a pack mentality, which ultimately ends in group nakedness. Ensure your house isn’t designated pre-lash location during rugby season or the housemate faux pas will flow faster than the Jagermeister.

3) Being a Thief

From apparently insignificant things like yoghurts and other dairy products to sneaking into your housemates’ rooms to gradually empty their designer wardrobes, stealing is just not on. It’s important to respect other people’s property and never use a fork in their butter.

4) Exposing People to Your Grime

No one expects you to invest in a cleaner on the weekends or champion a state of the art mop but it’s important not to live in squalor.  If not for you then for your long suffering housemates. Leaving a trail of grilled cheese and grease in the kitchen after every use will irritate all and sundry, especially those with an aversion to grime.

5) Constant Sterilization

An obsessive clean freak can be just as trying to live with as a slob.  There is nothing wrong with taking pride in where you live but harassing housemates over insignificant ‘crumbies’ on the floor can come across as being a bit uptight.  There are only so many times you can ask someone to wash a cup they’re still using before they try to put it through your face.

6) Backstabbing

Bitchy comments are a fact of life, there are even studies that show that the odd comment is vital to dispersing anger and prolonging healthy relationships.  However, if people are afraid to leave a room because they think you’ll talk about them as soon as they depart problems will arise.  You could suddenly find university living a very lonely experience.

 7)   Refusing to Chip In

Proposing to use cut up newspaper instead of forking out for Andrex is undeniably a massive no no. University is a time when money is in short supply but skimping on buying necessities will give you a reputation as being selfishly tight. Most students are living the same recession filled nightmare as you so just help out and buy the bin-bags.

8)   Blasting Crunking Tunes

Your taste in music is undeniably awesome but your housemate trying to get an early night behind the paper-thin walls to your left doesn’t think so. She will probably sabotage your post at some point if you keep this up. Drum n Bass has a time and a place; it’s before 12am on a school night. 

9) Being a Myth

If your presence in front of your housemates is so rare that they mistake you for the guy arriving to fix the boiler it might be time to make some effort.  University is a time where people can meet life long friends and have real-life experiences.  So get out of your bedroom and socialize.

10) Constantly Being a Hilarious Prankster

If your housemates are constantly arriving home to find that their urine magically splashes out of the toilet and into their face it will likely cause tension. It only takes returning home after a terrible hand-in to find all their belongings have been neatly stacked against their door to set off the mother of all crying fits.  And maybe even some light physical violence in your direction.

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