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Huddersfield is the best student night out in the country, apparently

31st May 2019

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Forget the typically held view that Leeds, Newcastle or Manchester might offer the best student experience possible, because a highly reliable new survey has decided that that mantle should actually go to Huddersfield.

The blustery town in the hills between Leeds and Manchester whence this writer hails (NB: don’t talk like that there if you value your limbs) has beaten off stiff competition from neighbouring locales to be crowned the greatest night out spot of all.

The writer on a night out in Huddersfield, circa 2008 // Image credit: Lucy Miller

So yes, it looks like it’s time to hop on Northern Rail to what was once the UK’s biggest town* for a night out at West Yorkshire’s best Slug & Lettuce (possibly).

To give Huddersfield its due, it does now have a Moroccan-themed pizza souk nestled behind a car park, so there’s that.

The intriguing survey was carried out by online fashion retailer I Saw it First, which believes that, based on Huddersfield’s number of bars, clubs and takeaways, the price of a pint, the cost of a taxi, and an ambiguous “safety score”, “it's obvious that your night won't just be a lot more fun, but it will also put less of a dent in your student finance.”

We can’t argue with the highly-thrifty price point of Huddersfield in general, to be fair.

Some places you could go in Huddersfield, if you’re convinced:

- Warehouse (they’re currently asking people to help decorate their garden benches, which I love; it’s one of the most reliable places to watch sports on the big screen, and they sometimes do 25p wings. Also, I once got change from a fiver and nearly fell off my chair after 16 months of #LondonPrices)

- The place that used to be Varsity

- Camel Club (I hope they still have the zebra-print beds)

- (The aforementioned) Bar Maroc

- Zephyr Bar & Kitchen (disclaimer: I’ve only ever been to its old iteration near Kingsgate, so don’t blame me if the newer location is crap)

- The teepee outside the railway station that pops up in December to dispense mulled wine and, curiously, gyros

Honourable mention to Hand Drawn Monkey, which appears to have closed down in 2016 (correct me if I’m wrong).

The bottom Wetherspoons is also cracking, to be fair.

(Side note… is Tokyo still there or has it gone the way of Yates and pretty much every single decent town centre shop?)

Mansion, circa 2008: now sadly defunct // Image credit: Lucy Miller

If you’re not in nightlife-commuting distance of Huddersfield town centre (no teepee for you!), you might want to know that the rest of the top ten is made up of Derby, Chester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Newcastle, Leeds, Stoke-On-Trent, Preston and Middlesbrough.

It’s an odd list, but who are we to question? All we do is go to the pub and drink £9 Sauvignon whilst trying not to think about how our Huddersfield pals can use all the change they’ve got from fivers to buy bricks and mortar, so we’re the real fools here.

But still, didn’t quite expect to see Huddersfield represented so strongly here.

Now, you might disagree with us and have fully expected Huddersfield to reign supreme in this… and if so, please go off.

Do you agree that Huddersfield is the UK’s best student night out? Are you from there? Do you go to uni there? Do you agree / dispute the findings? Please, share your thoughts @NationalStudent

*It might still be true, feel free to check.

Lead image credit: Copyright Neil Theasby and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

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