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Manchester students want MPs to take climate change seriously amid 'unusual' snow in Hawaii


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A letter outlining climate concerns is circulating among students in a bid to 'push parliament into action.'

The letter template, written by Manchester University students Ella Sinclair and Annie Etherington, was shared online last week. The pair condemned the government's poor approach on the issue of climate change.

The post, accompanied by a link to the MP directory, urges readers to send the letter to their local MP's.

Issues raised include record-high temperatures in the UK this February, unusual levels of snowfall in Hawaii and wildfires across the globe.

The pair wrote the letter in hopes of reaching out to young people, arguing that the effects will be most detrimental for those living to see the consequences of global warming.

Speaking to TNS, Anthropology student Ella Sinclair told us that her generation is going to live through the effects of climate change.

While climate change is an increasing conversational topic online, the duo feel more action needs to be taken to promote real change.

They urge their peers to contact local MP’s directly instead of just liking social media posts.

'Members of Parliament do have a strong voice to encourage their constituents,' Annie told us.

'I live in Lewes [which has] a Conservative MP who doesn't stand for anything I believe in. So I kind of just wanted to make her aware that I disagree with her.'

Her MP Maria Caulfield has consistently voted against measures to prevent climate change with zero votes for and nine against raised proposals.

The students are among many to condemn a low MP turnout at the recent climate debate held by Caroline Lucas in parliament, of which only a handful of the 650 MPs attended.

'What could possibly be more important? No one will care about Brexit when there's no planet to live on,' Ella told TNS.

'I know that's obviously a very extreme and narrow way of looking at it but at the end of the day, that's how it is.'

In recent months, there has been a rise in youth climate protests across the UK and Europe.

In November 2018, hundreds of climate change protestors gathered outside Parliament Square to stage a mass funeral procession across the capital.

They were asked to arrive in appropriate funeral dress and bring wreathes or photographs of extinct animals.

The protests were organised by the Extinction Rebellion campaign.

Further protests are scheduled to take place across the country this week with youth strikes taking place in Parliament Square tomorrow.

Read full letter here and find your MP here

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