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University of Sheffield student under investigation over offensive messages in a leaked group chat


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A University of Sheffield student is under investigation by uni officals after offensive messages he sent to a group chat were leaked. 

The unnamed medical school student sent messages to a group chat believed to contain more than 240 trainee doctors, all of whom ignored the messages he sent.

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One member of the chat - who wishes to remain anonymous - disclosed the messages to The Independent. The student said: “I find it saddening that such harassment appears to be such commonplace amongst university students.

“The group chat exists for all the medics in that year group to chat and arrange things and I hate to see that coming from a group of students who are meant to represent integrity and professionalism.

“By sending it to a group this big it made us aware that this sort of thing is happening behind closed doors.”

One particular message includes a screenshot of a fellow female students Instagram post, where she is pictured with another woman. The student under investiagation describes the two women in the photo as "easy shags" and then says "use protection", presumedly in reference to having sex with them. 

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The indidivual also sent a voice note where he refers to sexually transmitted infections (STIs): "Remember to use the old condoms, be a good boy, STIs are not a joke."

He then admitted he had sent the messages to the medic group chat in error, "wrong chat lol" he said, before adding, "I mean the message still stands". 

The student is now being formally investigated by the University of Sheffield who are examining the incident and deciding whether it is a breach of the General Medical Council and its rules around doctors and their use of social media.

This incident is just one more to add to the list of  increasing group chat controversies to happen at universities across the U.K. in recent months. It follows the 2018 leaking and widespread condemnation of a group chat made up of male students at the University of Warwick where messages included talk of raping female students.

A University of Sheffield spokesperson told The Independent"As soon as our Medical school was made aware of this issue it followed established invesigatory procedures, in line with University disciplinary and Fitness to Practise regulations.

"Fitness to Practise procedures use standards set by national regulatory bodies, including the General Medical Council, to review conduct that could impact a student's suitability to practise medicine."


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