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NUS is SUSPENDING all elections with immediate effect


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The NUS is 'pausing all elections, with immediate effect' including full-time officer roles. 

In a document received by candidates, Jules Mason, the NUS UK Chief Returning Officer announced that he has been charged with making a ruling 'in relation to the running of elections.'

The CRO stressed that the ruling only applies to the 2018/2019 election cycle.

"To be absolutely clear, I am pausing all elections, with immediate effect, across NUS UK including full-time roles, nations roles, liberation and sections roles, and committee roles."

The NUS is suspending the election and nomination process until the January board meeting.

Nominations for positions that have already closed including for the International Students' Officer and Trans Students' Officer will remain 'in suspense' until Jules makes 'a ruling in January following the outcome of the Joint Boards' decision.'

Nominations for other elected positions will not open unless a ruling is made to resume the process.

The statement comes in response to recent news that the NUS is on the verge of bankruptcy ahead of a £3 million deficit.

Alongside structural problems, a leaked document obtained by the NUS revealed that the organisation is facing 'competitors in student discount, trading support, and policy and strategic support.'

Part of their plan to remain solvent includes a combination of 'borrowing against the building we own, making cuts to staff and turning off some activity we deliver.' The organisation is desperate to reduce their costs to stabilise their position. 

In hindsight, we know that the aforementioned activities include changes to committee meetings. Last month, members were informed that committee meetings would be happening online from now on.

In his statement, Jules reiterated that the ruling is 'only happening to the specific in-year issue of a risk of insolvency.'

"My understanding that the NUS UK board and the NUS group’s subcommittee – finance committee - are now taking extraordinary decisions about the in-year and 2019/20 budget to prevent insolvency."

More to follow.

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