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Student officer who exposed the Lancaster t-shirt social has been SUSPENDED


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Lancaster University Students' Union has suspended its BME Officer after she exposed the Lancaster t-shirt social. 

Chloe Long was temporarily suspended from her BME role, 48 hours after the story went public. She was under investigation for breaching a confidentiality agreement, that was in place during the university's internal investigation.

The photographs were originally shared by Sugarhouse, a Lancaster University Student Union (LUSU) run business.

Students were spotted wearing t-shirts with slogans such as 'Jimmy Saville was misunderstood' and 'Sandyhook woz bantz.' 

The students were on a white t-shirt social organised by the Snow Sports Society when pictures of them were taken and uploaded by Sugarhouse, the nightclub run by the students' union. 

Phrases appearing to encourage sexual abuse of children were written on the shirts including 'if her age is on the clock, she's ready for the cock.'

The overall consensus of the investigating panel was to give a formal warning but Chloe, who was on the panel initially, believed this was too lenient for an incident that is being described by the student community as a hate crime.

The panel was therefore unable to come to a decision. In response, she went public with the story and published details and photographs onto the BME Students Network page. 

In her statement, Chloe criticised the students' union for failing to "deal with the welfare of students."

Speaking about her case, she said:

"I wish I understood how they have managed to gather all of the relevant information together for my 'investigation' in such a short time, but took OVER FOUR WEEKS to form a panel to investigate the Snowsports Society.

"It’s extremely unsettling that the VC and the institution of this University can respond quicker to “bad press” than to its own students’ wearing t-shirts with discrimination and hate speech written on them.

"It’s even more upsetting that within the VC’s statement he states that the University doesn’t tolerate “genuine hate speech."

"Assuming that drunken, “banterous” hate speech is acceptable. It’s embarrassing of the Union to say that they are “lucky” that the news regarding Snowsports didn’t make it to the media prior to the information being re-released.

"Again, this just shows that more care is given to reputation than to students, which is what the Union is supposed to stand for."

As BME officer, Chloe has a duty to the students that she represents and believes that part of that responsibility is informing them of such events.

Her statement that it took "over four weeks" for a panel to be convened refers to the fact that the panel met first on Wednesday 7th November, and again on Friday the 9th November.

The Snow Sports social in question took place on Friday 12th October, and the internal investigation that gathered information ahead of the panel meeting took place between the 15th and 25th of October. 

The Snow Sports society was also suspended on 15th October, three days after the incident took place. 

More to follow.

Images posted by Sugarhouse and Twitter

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