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This is the cheapest student city


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Hull is the most affordable city for students, beating last year's winner Cardiff for the top spot. 

A survey conducted by Natwest asked 3,419 students across 35 popular university cities about their food, bill and rent expenditure. 

Students in Hull pay the fourth lowest rent of £388.75 and the low cost of living at £375.50 makes Hull the best value-for-money city.

Leicester and Durham are home to the cheapest pints. Students expect to pay between £2 and £2.20 for a pint of beer.

Belfast is the most expensive city for a pint. Students fork out £7.20 for a pint, which is around £4 more than the average cost in the UK. 

Belfast also sells the most expensive spirit mixers, priced at £9.10 which is over £6 more than Sheffield and Aberystwyth, whose average expected spirit mixer are the cheapest at £2.50.

Nevertheless, Belfast's extortionate drinking costs are compensated by low accommodation costs – the city has the lowest monthly rent of all 35 cities.

Despite Belfast having the highest expected alcohol costs, students in Newcastle actually spend the most on alcohol each month.

Their average monthly total adds up to £47.70 despite only spending £2.70 on a pint and £3.40 on a spirit mixer.

Students in Scotland work the most part-time hours while studying, with those in Dundee and Stirling spending around 25 hours each month earning extra money in a part-time job. 

Durham students spend the least on public transport and household bills, making up for high monthly academic study costs.

In terms of eating out, students in London spend the most. Their expected monthly eating out costs add up to £60.24.

Norwich students expect to spend the least with an average of £24.25 a month.

The NatWest Student Living Index has published data for the last five years, allowing prospective students gain insider knowledge about how much students in 35 university cities spend.

You can find out more results here.

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