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Exclusive: Students wore shirts saying 'I like 12 year olds' and 'Sandyhook woz bantz'


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Lancaster University students were spotted wearing t-shirts with offensive slogans such as 'Jimmy Saville was misunderstood' and 'Sandyhook woz bantz.' 

The students were on a white t-shirt social organised by the Snow Sports Society when pictures of them were taken and uploaded by Sugarhouse, the nightclub run by the students' union. 

Phrases encouraging sexual abuse of children were written on the shirts including 'if her age is on the clock, she's ready for the cock.'

Discriminatory language such as 'fuck gay rights' were also visible.

The incident occurred during the first week of term, the 12th October.

According to Lancaster student Alex*, the photographs were posted on the official SU club page. The photographs have since been removed.

The incident is currently being investigated by the university and the Snow Sports Society were suspended by the union.

The overall consensus of the investigating panel was to give a formal warning but one member believed this was too lenient for an incident that is being described as a hate crime.

The panel was therefore unable to come to a decision. In response to messages from the student community, the SU replied saying that the panel "were due to meet to finalise sanctions against the club."

The student who leaked the story is allegedly under investigation for breaching confidentiality even though the photographs were posted by Sugarhouse. 

Speaking to The National Student, Alex explained that the club should not have given access to the students.

"The fact they were allowed into the club with those t-shirts written on them is also a massive issue."

Students have also expressed concern over the presence of the Lancaster University Pre-School Centre, which has been located on the campus since 1965.

There is no suggestion that the students involved harboured violent intent towards children, or anyone else. 

It has also been suggested that the university is more concerned with its league table position than with holding students accountable: 

Lancaster University Student's Union has said that it is carrying out an investigation into the matter: 

“This matter is the subject of a live investigation by the students’ union, as is our policy when allegations are made relating to breaches of our codes of conduct," The National Student was told.

The statement continued: "The club was immediately suspended as soon as the students’ union became aware of this issue.

“A panel convened to consider the available evidence and decide any appropriate sanctions against the students’ union group. The panel has already agreed that the behaviour fell far below of (sic) the standards that were expected. The panel was due to meet to finalise sanctions against the club.

“We’re extremely disappointed that this information has been made public before the investigation was concluded and that our panel has been compromised.

“The union takes allegations of this kind very seriously and the matter is being handled in line with our disciplinary procedures.”

The university added that it "fully supports the Students Union’s investigation into the conduct of one of its societies and the society’s immediate suspension" and that it "expects all members of its community  to behave with respect and tolerance for others." 

The union adds that it "is prepared to use its own disciplinary procedures if necessary where behaviour falls short of those standards.”

This behaviour is not new to the UK university campus scene. Last year, Exeter students wearing jackets with 'I love rape' were spotted during a social pub crawl.

*Names have been changed for safety

More to follow

Images posted by Sugarhouse

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