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OXFORD vs CAMBRIDGE: The British public finally settle the debate


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A recent YouGov Omnibus survey has now revealed that Britain sees Oxford as the more prestigious university. 

The survey asked the British public which university they considered to be the UK's most prestigious.

The overall results showed that 41% believed Oxford deserved the title compared to 23% of people choosing Cambridge.

The remaining responses were 30% of people who couldn't decide and 7% choosing another university entirely. 

Ben Glanville, Head of YouGov Omnibus UK, commented on the survey clarifying that 'Oxford and Cambridge universities are seen as the pinnacle of UK higher education excellence.'

'The pair are often treated like a single entity. However, our results do show that people do favour one over the other in terms of prestige.'

The results are relatively unanimous across the population, with the only anomaly being amongst 18-24 year olds, a third of which voted for 'don't know', 29% choosing Oxford and 28% choosing Cambridge. 

Non-graduates and the 18-24 year were more likely to vote for 'don't know,' this is an indicator of the changing perceptions of universities in terms of prestige and their positions in the league tables. 

This trend continues in Scotland, where 15% of the Scottish population answered for 'some other university', a figure that is highest here compared with the rest of Britain.

This suggests that the influence of Oxbridge is less strong, perhaps because they have the University of Edinburgh and Glasgow - two strong institutions in their home ground. 

Featured image courtesy of Max Pixel (Oxford) and David Iliff (Cambridge)

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