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A free site is helping EU students prepare for the UK citizenship test


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As Brexit comes into effect within the next year, a new website is helping EU students prepare for the Life in the UK Test they may have to take.

Nicknamed the “bad pub quiz,” the Life in the UK Test was put into law in 2005 as one of the requirements for becoming a UK citizen. Applicants must correctly answer 18 out of 24 questions regarding British values, history, traditions, and everyday life in order to pass.

With Life in the UK Test Web, this process just became a lot easier. The site was created by Brighton-based consultant Monica Mosquera in 2015 after she moved to the UK to study and subsequently passed the Life in the UK Test herself.

“The site provides information and tests to prepare for the Life in the UK test, a test that individuals seeking British nationality have to pass,” explained Mosquera. 

“The test assesses the applicant’s knowledge about all aspects of British life, its traditions, history, culture, community life and political system.”

Due to murky immigration policies ahead of the Brexit’s arrival in March of 2019, many European citizens are eager to become UK citizens. This, in turn, has stimulated the site’s popularity and page views.

“Some people have come here and have settled here, and they now have their lives here, so they become British citizens to be able to stay after the UK leaves the EU,” added Mosquera.

The website promises to present information that is as up-to-date as possible and inputs questions from recent Life in the UK Tests. Recent applicants can share questions that appeared on their tests by contacting Life in the UK Test Web on their website.

Mosquera believes that a vital part of the website’s success is due to the variety and abundance of questions. As of now, the website sports 15 different exams which offer the applicant the breadth and depth of knowledge needed to pass the test.

For aspiring UK citizens, Life in the UK Test Web is the place to study to ensure a passing grade.

Here are a few sample questions from recent tests. Students, could you pass the test?

When is Halloween?

5th of November

11th of November

31st of October

1st of April

Who is the heir to the throne of England?

The Prince of Wales

The Prince of Cambridge

The Prince of Edinburgh

The Duke of York

Where is the Lake District National Park located?




Northern Ireland

Where is the official home of the Prime Minister?

18 Oxford Street

Buckingham Palace

Windsor Castle

10 Downing Street

Which two houses form the UK Parliament?

The House of Lords

House of Members

House of Commons

House of Fraser

How often are general elections held in the UK?

Every 3 years

Every 4 years

Every 5 years

Every 10 years

Is Northern Ireland part of Great Britain?



When did the UK join the EU?

In 1957

In 1973

In 1975

In 1964

What was the last battle between Great Britain and France?

The Battle of Trafalgar

The Battle of Waterloo

The Battle of Hastings

Battle of Agincourt

The Falkland Islands are a British overseas territory and are part of the United Kingdom.



Who was the father of Queen Elizabeth I?

Edward I

Henry V

Henry VII

Henry VIII

Who is the patron Saint of England?

St George

St Patrick

St Andrew

St David

Which of the following is not a valid UK coin?





What is the capital city of Scotland?


St Andrews



Which of the following is a major horse-racing event in England?

The Wimbledon Championship

Royal Ascot

The Open Championship

The Six Nations Championship

How many did you pass? 


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